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2007-10-27 - C-Dogs DS v0.3

I fixed the control issues and it now runs at 256x192 (instead of scaling down 320x200). It still runs slow and sound doesn't work. Supports DLDI and was compiled with devkitARM r21.
C-Dogs DS

2007-06-26 - DiggerDS v0.2

Fixed a memory leak in sdl_vid.c, vgawrite function. It should no longer crash after 10 minutes.

2007-06-23 - DiggerDS v0.11

Recompiled with newer motion code/libnds, so it should now support MK-6 and DS Motion Pak but I don't own those devices, so it has not been tested.

2007-04-20 - DiggerDS v0.1

No sound or music and it has a memory leak. It now supports DLDI and the DS Motion Card.

2007-03-06 - FlashbackDS v0.24


2007-01-30 - dualHexen v0.26


2007-01-21 - SpoutEx

Alekmaul has created an extended version of Spout for DS. It has music, motion card support, online scoreboard, colours and more.

2007-01-14 - txtWriter v0.3.2

I added support for more devices to Alan Gerow's txtWriter. It now supports DLDI.
Download - 200KB (includes .nds and source code)
On DS-X, if you don't use instant boot to start it, the lower screen will have display corruption.

2006-12-09 - FlashbackDS v0.23


2006-11-09 - FlashbackDS v0.2

2006-10-30 - SpoutDS

Small update to SpoutDS. It now clears VRAM to avoid display problems on DS-X and some other devices.

2006-10-27 - HexenDS

I updated Rich Whitehouse's DS port of Hexen.

2006-09-10 - C-Dogs DS

C-Dogs is partially playable now. It runs slower than normal. There's no way to exit the game over screen, so don't die. Automap doesn't work yet. You can't pause or end your game. Sound effects work but they could be louder. The font is mostly unreadable. Only one of the campaigns can be played (Bug Eyed Monsters). It uses Chishm's libfat to read the data files and save settings, so it will only be compatible with devices supported by libfat-nds-20060722. It should work on GBAMPCF, M3CF (tested), DS-X (tested), M3SD, SCCF, SCSD and NinjaDS. It won't work on G6, MMD, EZ4Lite or most other devices.

C-Dogs DS


I've been working on FlashbackDS/REminiscence. The next version will use Chishm's libfat for accessing files, so it will be compatible with more devices. It will have working sound effects (thanks to GPF's SDL updates) but currently the music doesn't sound right.

I also started porting C-Dogs but it's not playable yet.


I updated Alan Gerow's txtWriter. It's a text editor for DS. I fixed a graphic glitch that appeared on M3 devices, updated the code to be compatible with a more recent devkitARM and added support for more devices by including a newer gba_nds_fat lib.


I ported Digger to DS.


I added FAT device saving/loading and backlight control to Birslip's DS port of Sport. It's now the only version you can download since it's faster than my SDL version and the binary is smaller.


Updated SpoutDS. Score and height are now saved to compatible CF/SD devices (using Chishm's gba_nds_fat_2006-03-03). High score is displayed on lower screen. You can now unpause with the shoot button, useful if you paused in a dangerous location. At startup, you can select a zoomed mode but it's very slow. I could probably speed it up by replacing all the SDL functions but since Birslip already made a faster version, I'm not really motivated.


I ported Spout to DS. It's a small, abstract game. You have to navigate through a cavern and create a path using your exhaust.


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