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C-Dogs SDL for Nintendo DS


cdogsDS_0.3_bin.7z () - Binary and data files.
cdogsDS_0.3_src.7z () - source code (GPL)

You may have to DLDI patch cdogsDS.nds if your loader doesn't auto patch.

This is a port of the classic C-Dogs (cyberdogs 2) to Nintendo DS. It's a top-view gauntlet style shooter. This NDS version currently only runs at 10 FPS and has no sound, so it's not really playable yet. Copy the data folder to the root of your card. The .nds file can go anywhere. It's based on C-Dogs SDL 0.4 source but this DS version doesn't deserve the 0.4 version number.

You can customize your character and select from a variety of weapons. You walk/slide around, collect keys and you have to kill the weird looking enemies or destroy things and make your way to the exit. Leave the humans alone, they are just there to get in your way!

Original Code Copyright Ronny Wester 1995
Game Data Copyright Ronny Wester 1995
SDL Port by Jeremy Chin and Lucas Martin-King Copyright 2003-2007
Ported to DS by Sektor

Thanks to:
Ronny Wester, Jeremy Chin, Lucas Martin-King
WinterMute, Chishm, GPFerror, Dopefish and the #dsdev community C-Dogs DS forum topic
Source code for the DS SDL libs used in C-Dogs DS () (LGPL) - Ported by GPF and modified by Dopefish
cdogs SDL github - This version has been extensively updated. It doesn't include my DS changes. | | - created by Sektor