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Alekmaul has created an extended version of Spout for DS. It has music, motion card support, online scoreboard and colours. It can't save your scores offline. I don't have the source code for this one. SpoutEx download mirror ().

2006-10-30 () 104KB (.ds.gba and .nds binary) () 72KB (source code)

This is a modified version of Birslip's DS port. Spout is a small, abstract shooting game from Japanese developer kuni. It plays somewhat like Finnish cavefliers, except you have to erode your surroundings with your ship's exhuast. It's great fun. It was originally written for a handheld LCD console and it has been ported to many systems.

The goal is to get as high as you possibly can without crashing or running out of time (some people's way of life).

Controls: A/B/X/Y - shoot, accelerate, spout, start
left - turn left
right - turn right
start - pause
select - LCD swap
L - toggle top backlight
R - toggle bottom backlight

For use on emulators, GBA flashcarts and WMB, start the game with the B button. If you have GBA flashcart, the game will be saved to SRAM, so backup any important save games before running Spout.

If you have a CF/SD FAT device then push any key other than B to attempt to use it. The score and height will be saved to "spout.sco". There is no way to detect current folder, so for now it's saved to root.

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