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Alekmaul has ported the latest version of REminiscence to DS. It has support for the PC CD SEQ movie files and is faster than previous DS versions. This is the best port, so ignore the links below this post.


GPF's REminiscenceDS. It's based on newer code and currently has more features than FlashbackDS v0.24. I have mirrored GPF's REminiscenceDS here: DSREminiscence-0.1.9.rar, DSREminiscence-0.1.9SRC.rar


flashbackDS_0.24_bin.7z - NDS binaries - compressed with 7-Zip
flashbackDS_0.24_src.7z - source code
flashback_data_files.7z () - 9MB (includes DOS files, Amiga music, SegaCD speech, English, French and Italian cinematics)

- Sound effects (not great but better than nothing)
- Music plays but it sounds like poop
- Level select. You can scroll through level codes on the password screen. Up/down for skill, left/right for level.
- Resources and music are read from /data/flashback/data/ on a compatible media device
- Saves are stored at /data/flashback/
- DS sleeps when you close the LID (you'll have to pause manually)
- DLDI support

Things that still need to be done by someone:
- Improve sound code
- Stop music from sounding like poop
- Make text easier to read (scaling issue)
- Speed up cut scenes and fix cut scene glitches
- Build a flying car

A Nintendo DS and a compatible DS homebrew device.

How to use:
Step 1:
- Figure out what device you own
- flashbackDS.nds is for GBAMP, MMD and most slot-1 devices like R4, M3 Simply, DS-X, SCOne
- flashbackDS.gba.nds is for most slot-2 devices like SCSD, SCCF, SC Lite microSD, M3SD, M3CF
- If you have a GBAMP, M3CF, SCCF, SCSD or another old device supported by libfat's built-in driver or your flashcart automatically DLDI patches then you don't need to use the DLDI patch. Skip Step 2.
Step 2:
- Download dlditool and the DLDI driver for your device
- Patch flashbackDS.nds or flashbackDS.gba.nds with a DLDI patch for your device

Step 3:
- Copy flashbackDS.nds or flashback.gba.nds to any folder on your card (on DS-X it's best to use the apps folder)
- Copy the flashback data files to X:\data\flashback\data\ (replace X: with the drive letter of your device)
- Launch FlashbackDS and hopefully it will find the required files and begin

DS controls:
d-pad move Conrad
A draw/holster gun
B talk / use / run / shoot
X use the current inventory object
Y display the inventory / skip movies
L display the options
R toggles fast mode

These libs/toolchain were used (thanks to the authors!)
devkitARM_20 and libnds-20070127
libcartreset 0.72

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