GTA2 tools and editors

GTA2 Trainer – GTA2 Trainer by masuo & h0x91b

GTA2 Radar – Lost? This live map/GPS/radar will help you find the save point, weapons and powerups. Created by Sektor.

GTA2 Game Hunter – The best way to find GTA2 multiplayer opponents. Created by Sektor.

TXT2GTA2 – The best way to create images using GTA2 fonts. Created by T.M and CubanPete.

Delphi source code for all the GTA1 and GTA2 tools created by Jernej – 7.4MB. If you update any of these tools, please change the name of the project.

GTA2 Map Editor – The official GTA2 map editor. This map editor works best on Windows 98 with desktop color quality set to 16 bit. It also works on newer versions of Windows but there are tile display bugs (Tile Selektor works around that), top down view doesn’t always display and the built in zone editor just crashes (there are third party zone editors that work fine). You shouldn’t add objects with the map editor because it will only cause crashes. Objects should be added using GTA2 script, mispad or Script Pad. Created by DMA Design.

Tile Selektor – This requires the GTA2 Map Editor. It works around the white tile bug. Created by Sektor and Ben Millard.

Epic GTA2 Map Editor – It can’t edit maps yet but it is a great way to view maps for screenshots, edit zones, move mission objects around and decompile scripts. Created by T.M.

GTA2 GXT Editor v3.0.1 – You can use this to edit most of the text in GTA2. It’s mostly used for making your own mission text. Created by Jernej and modified by B-$hep. Forum topic. – GTA2 Saved Game Editor 1.1c (GTA2_SVGE)
This program will let you edit many aspects of your GTA2 saved game files (*.svg). It will let you enable any gun with any amount of ammo, set money levels, health, lives and the multiplier, as well as turning on the 4 powerups. Created by Harry Denholm.

GTA2 Zone Editor – This is a simple zone editor. Created by Jernej. Epic GTA2 Map Editor has a more advanced/visual zone editor built in.

GTA2 STY Tool – For editing/viewing GTA2 style files. These contain, tiles, sprites, fonts and vehicles. Created by Jernej.

GTA2 Style Editor Build 070211 – For editing/viewing GTA2 graphics, tiles, sprites and cars. Created by Jernej.

GTA2 ScriptPad – GTA2 mission editor and compiler. Created by B-$hep.

GTA2 mispad – GTA2 mission editor and compiler. Includes a version for GTA2 v11.41 (gta2mispad_vike.exe) and a version for v10.3 and older (gta2mispad.exe). Created by Jernej.

gta2script.7z – Official mission compiler, documentation and example scripts (Industrial level .mis files). Created by DMA Design.

GTA Wave 4.0 – Audio editor for GTA1 and GTA2. It can also export GTA3 sounds. Created by Adrian Grucza. – The official GMP map and STY style file format technical documentation from DMA Design. You don’t need this for making maps. This is just for coders who want to make a map editor or GTA2 clone. – Converts GTA1 maps to GTA2. It can also convert simple bmp files. Created by Jernej.

INI2MIS.7z – Partially converts GTA1 mission scripts to GTA2. VB6 source code is included. Created by Sektor. – Import this registry key to enable debug mode in GTA2 Manager. GTA2 Game Hunter also creates this registry key.

nyc.gci – GTA2’s default car handling file. You need this if you changed the car handling and want to play multiplayer. All players need the same car handling file.

GTA2 File Editor – STY, GCI and GXT editor by Stephen Dawkins, Exc0r5 and Gavin Rudd. VB6 source code is included. It’s not as fast or stable as Jernej’s editors.

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  1. um hi and thx for the tools bu……what happen is i install medv2.0 ok…and i don’t know what i was doing so..i add building and stuff to it and i save it and when i went to play…g.t.a CRASHED and i have other on my desktop and documents so went in one of them and ALL GTA S CRASHED I TRIED TO REINSTALL ONE BUT…………….still crash please i really need your help guys please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. contanct me here is my address s face: amir aschkar picture mow hok head yahoo HELP PLEASE I WILL STAY ONLINE UNTIL YOU GUYS give me answers ok…so please…and please add a link parkour cleo 1.6 so that i can enjoy don’t forgett me peace!!!

  3. hey I updated to v11.44 & it works great except for some reason I cant find my .svg save game file in my player folder & I really wanted to use ishani’s GTA2 Saved Game Editor 1.1c (GTA2_SVGE) but now I don’t have an .svg to hack ive tried searching save game file everywhere & I cant find it. help please?

  4. If the game is installed in Program Files, Windows might not allow permission to write the saves, so Windows redirects them to to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files(x86)\rockstar games\gta2\player or somewhere like that.

    Replace username with your Windows login name.

  5. Is there anyone, who knows, how to make it possible to have the army in all three levels. I just want to play levels 1, 2 and 3 with maxium wanted level.
    Is it the scr file that ahould be edited? If so, I’d like to know, how to edit em.

  6. hey sektor, can you help me? I am trying to use the style editor (you told me the place to get it) and it only allows me to view STY files. I have a huge folder called resource packx and I cant use any of the vehicles in the pack. I have no STY type files and I need your help.

  7. As for the ‘Epic GTA2 Map Editor’ decompiler;

    correct me if I’m wrong but..
    ..even though the structure of a script will be decompiled to some extend, its nominal declarations will not, so it can’t be compiled anymore unless you want to spend the rest of your life reading the strings with a file editor and matching them by chance.
    You CAN, however, script your own mp and bonus levels with the developers ‘gta2script’ kit.
    It includes the default scripts of the third and last level of the game, so you can actually script the Industrial District to your liking.

  8. Hola yo quiero editar un mapa que descarge como puedo ponerle mas armas y autos? (no hablo de agregarle algo nuevo,yo hablo de ponerle mas items del original gta 2 porque el mapa tiene pocas armas e items)
    No explican nada de como usar el editor de mapas para gta2,como agrego items al mapa como agrego autos como agrego bandas en ciertas zonas como puedo editar el nivel de busqueda maximo de policias al mapa?solo tiene hasta nivel 3 y quiero nivel 6

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