GTA2 common problems

If you are having problems with multiplayer check the GTA2 multiplayer FAQ page.

Q: How do I stop the text at the bottom of the screen from being cut off?
A: You can either run the game fullscreen or go to your Windows display settings and make sure the font scaling is set at 100%.

Q: How do I save the game?
A: Get $50,000 and then go to the church. It is usually in the middle of the map. It has a Jesus Saves sign. TV vans point the way. You start there at the start of the level or when you load a game.

Q:  I cannot run in Windowed Mode, why not?
AInstall Vike’s GTA2 patch or set your desktop colour depth to 16bit.

Q:  How do I fix a 16x16x16 Video Mode error?
A:  Try running GTA2 Manager in Windows 98 compatibility mode (right click gta2manager.exe and go to compatibiliy tab). You could also try fullscreen instead of window mode. Sometimes a reboot will fix it.

Q: Why is the frame rate so low?  How can I speed up GTA2 singleplayer?
A: Import this registry key. That registry key creates HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Screen and the key min_frame_rate with value to 1. It also creates a key for GTA2 v11.3 and newer: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Screen and the key min_frame_rate with value to 1.

If that doesn’t work, you should try running dxdiag.exe and changing Windows Video Hardware Acceleration from full to basic. Sound Acceleration may also need to be lowered.

Q: Why is GTA2 running super fast speed?
A: This can happen if the frame rate limiter is disabled. Run GTA2 manager, go to the video tab and in the Frame Rate Control, tick Frame Rate Limiter.

Q: How do I change the radio station in the PC version of GTA2?
A: Push F1 to cycle the radio stations one way and F2 to cycle the other.

Q:  I can’t hear the Radio stations, or the Radio station is too LOUD, what controls Volume?
A:  Push F3 to decrease volume, push F4 to increase volume.  *In multiplayer games, any player changing this setting to their client also changes the other players Radio Station attributes.

Q: Why do I get “Security failure” when running GTA2 in singleplayer?
A: This is a problem with the game detecting the CD. I recommend switching to a free version that doesn’t require a CD

Q:Why do I get this error? Cannot open file : test/replay.rep
A:Run GTA2 Manager, click on the debug tab and untick “Play Replay”. You also need to make sure your GTA2 folder is writable. It is best not to install in Program Files since Windows often protects that folder.

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  1. Jhon to save go to the church in avalon and there is a bigish gap and you go in it and the town name will be traning mission you will see a phone and a place that has jesus saves written on it (its REALY ovius) the only problem is it cost $50000 to save and if your wondering for other citys i got no idea but for the 3rd one it iis jesus saves and the 2nd one isnt

    hope that helps

  2. The saving point is always adjacent to your starting point. It’s at “Jesus Saves” in level 1 (follow the TV-vans and drive towards the middle) and 3, as cweie pointed out, and at a night club between a station and the prison in level 2 (take the train if you have a hard time finding it).

  3. Thanks very much “Q: Why is the frame rate so low? How can I speed up GTA2 singleplayer?” i was really want this

  4. Hey guys! I have a problem with this game.
    When I started the game (previously configured keyboard) I can move around options in main menu, but I can’t enter to the game or options, just arrow keys and esc key works… what happens? anyone can help me?

  5. Hey, guys! Well, I wouldn’t call it a problem, but I don’t know how to play the game without those black bars on the left/right side of the screen. I’ve tried to change the presets but it doesn’t seem to work. The funny thing is that on my friend’s laptop, it runs perfectly in FULL screen… (my laptop has a bigger screen, but I don’t know if it is the reason) Can someone help me, please?

  6. my blackout mission doesnt started after vedio review it again show red mark and again same problem

  7. my blackproject mission in pc doesnt started after vedio review it again show red mark and again same problem

  8. I have the problem when im about the run GTA2 (download from rockstar site). It says that it cant find _AIL_set_3D_sample_float_distances@20. Anyone knows the answer to this?

  9. Hey i installed patch 11.43 but whenever i play the game freezes up frequently especially when i turn my character/car around but when i go without turning it goes normal does anyone know how to fix this? thx

  10. It might be sound related. When you turn the car at speed, the tires make a screech sound and with some drivers/soundcards this makes GTA2 crash. Update soundcard drivers, disable soundcard hardware acceleration or disable the soundcard completely in device manager to see if the problem really is sound related.

  11. My game freezes, I have no hardware acceleration so that’s not the problem. I’ve updated sound driver and even disabled the device, still freezing up. What do I do next?

  12. Hello
    I have a problem with GTA2. I cant walk around corners. I just could walk forward or backward but when i try to walk a circle or around a corner it stops. I have to tip to the left or right, to the direction i want to walk and then I could start to walk forward again… I really couldn´t play couse you have no chance to drive a car or run away from the police.
    I´m using Windows 8.1…
    Could someone help me please. I really love to play this game.

  13. There’s no instant rotation like some games but you are supposed to be able to rotate while running. It’s possible your keyboard can’t handle that combination of keys held at the same time. Try a different keyboard or changing keys.

  14. Just download a version of the game with radio (it should be 350MB). If you already have that then you might need to run GTA2 Manager and turn up the music volume.

  15. I am running gta iv ballad of gay tony and lost and damned
    Both r running very slow
    kindly help how to normalize the speed

  16. when i got gamehunter it overwrited my GTA 2 singleplayer. so now everytime i click GTA2 (not network mode) it loads up frikin gamehunter! so i uninstalled and it still loads up a multiplayer map i downloaded! i had to re-install GTA2 but this time it said Unable to run data/DDR.sty. thats what it says when i load up GTA 2 and it exits out please please please reply with help sektor i hope you didnt quit GTAMP before 2010 2011 2012 2013 or 2014 🙁

  17. Game Hunter can’t overwrite gta2. As for multiplayer maps starting automatically, you can disable that by running gta2manager, clicking debug and unticking “skip frontend”.

  18. well,,, i saved the game last time and ever since when i open the game and start playing the game crashes and a window appears that says “gta2 executable has stopped working”. what to do?

  19. hi, i play gta 2 and i cant play in full screen. there are black space in both the sides left and right and the game is towards the centre. im using laptop. please help. thanks in advance

  20. Hello, can someone please write down every control in GTA2? And how to pause the game and see the map of the District? Please, I’ll be very thankful.

  21. can someone help me? on GTA 2 singleplayer I cant hear the radio station regardless of what I do. I have done F1 and F2 to try and hear the radio, even F3 and F4 to turn it up and down, F3 assuming the controls were the opposite or they were wrong. no matter how hard I try I don’t hear anything, even on multiplayer. I hope this doesn’t mean I have to buy GTA2 just to hear the audio. can someone help me please?

  22. *sorry if this is duplicate I don’t think my problem was posted* can somebody help me? on GTA 2 singleplayer or on multiplayer no matter how hard I try I cant turn on the radio. I have done F1,F2,F3 and F4 to try and switch radio stations and try to turn up the volume. I do other controls assuming the ones you have to press are wrong or are opposite but still nothing at all works. I hope I don’t need to just buy GTA 2 just to hear the radio station. can somebody please help me?

  23. hey i tried downloading your unofficial patch the problem is everytime i try to fire up the game it gives me an error “unable to open data/sty” etc etc

    my os is windows 7 home premium

  24. hey sektor, can you help me? I am trying to use the style editor (you told me the place to get it) and it is extremely complex. I have a huge folder called resource packx and I cant use any of them because they have to be 100×100. is there a tutorial for style editor?

  25. Most of the style tool/car editing tutorials went down. If the car is the wrong size for the one you want to replace, you’ll just have to resize the image or replace a different car.

    Best to post in the forum or email

  26. I know this problem is common, but no one listed it even in the comments. This problem is weird because when I play on Residential map single-player, the game crashes. How is it possible? I tried all compatibility modes, but the result is the same. It doesn’t matter whether I choose day or night time. I played normally (without cheats!). GTA 2 PC v. 9,6.

  27. i had delete all the files after installing gta 2 in my windows 7 nd i cnt even
    uninstall it help me

  28. Whenever I replace a modified file with the original one, the game doesn’t recognize it and still loads the modded file instead, despite it’s deleted from the computer. I’m using Windows 8 Pro and GTA2 v9.6. Any help? :/

  29. My list of display resolutions has dissappeard from the manager.
    I’m using the free version from rockstars site. Is there a way for me to copy off my save game, un/reinstall then paste my save game back?

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