GTA2 common problems

If you are having problems with multiplayer check the GTA2 multiplayer FAQ page.

For save game crashing look at this trailer kill frenzy fix

Q: How do I stop the text at the bottom of the screen from being cut off?
A: You can either run the game fullscreen or go to your Windows display settings and make sure the font scaling is set at 100%.

Q: How do I save the game?
A: Get $50,000 and then go to the church. It is usually in the middle of the map. It has a Jesus Saves sign. TV vans point the way. You start there at the start of the level or when you load a game.

Q:  I cannot run in Windowed Mode, why not?
AInstall Vike’s GTA2 patch or set your desktop colour depth to 16bit.

Q:  How do I fix a 16x16x16 Video Mode error?
A:  Try running GTA2 Manager in Windows 98 compatibility mode (right click gta2manager.exe and go to compatibiliy tab). You could also try fullscreen instead of window mode. Sometimes a reboot will fix it.

Q: Why is the frame rate so low?  How can I speed up GTA2 singleplayer?
A: Import this registry key. That registry key creates HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Screen and the key min_frame_rate with value to 1. It also creates a key for GTA2 v11.3 and newer: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Screen and the key min_frame_rate with value to 1.

If that doesn’t work, you should try running dxdiag.exe and changing Windows Video Hardware Acceleration from full to basic. Sound Acceleration may also need to be lowered.

Q: Why is GTA2 running super fast speed?
A: This can happen if the frame rate limiter is disabled. Run GTA2 manager, go to the video tab and in the Frame Rate Control, tick Frame Rate Limiter.

Q: How do I change the radio station in the PC version of GTA2?
A: Push F1 to cycle the radio stations one way and F2 to cycle the other.

Q:  I can’t hear the Radio stations, or the Radio station is too LOUD, what controls Volume?
A:  Push F3 to decrease volume, push F4 to increase volume.  *In multiplayer games, any player changing this setting to their client also changes the other players Radio Station attributes.

Q: Why do I get “Security failure” when running GTA2 in singleplayer?
A: This is a problem with the game detecting the CD. I recommend switching to a free version that doesn’t require a CD

Q:Why do I get this error? Cannot open file : test/replay.rep
A:Run GTA2 Manager, click on the debug tab and untick “Play Replay”. You also need to make sure your GTA2 folder is writable. It is best not to install in Program Files since Windows often protects that folder.

56 thoughts on “GTA2 common problems”

  1. On “Who’s Mad” mission, if I blow up any Z-Type with the ambush hitmen still inside, the game crashes. This happens using any version of the game, including the original, official patch, Rockstar’s 2000’s free re-release and the 11.44 version found here.

  2. My game crashes when I quit settings, and I have a directX 12, and yet it still tells me its an outdated version & to get a better even though DirectX 6.1 was founded in 1999.

  3. The fix for newer Windows operating systems hasn’t been released! I’m talking about constant crashes in Residential district (mostly around the area when you have to take a cop car with trailer during 1 mission, but this happens also outside it), near Max Paynt close to the narrow road leading to the south side of Zaibatsu village and close to the bridge leading to green payphones in Zaibatsu village. These crashes are frustrating because I can’t pass multiple missions in this district. I don’t know how Industrial district works (because of broken compatibility), but Downtown works quite properly! I’m using a retail 9.6 version of GTA2 under Windows 10 home x64. Respond and give me solid tips!

  4. GTA2 always crashes when i use the tank for some minutes, how can i fix that? My game version is 11.44 and i have Windows 10

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