GTA2 trailer kill frenzy save game fix

edit: GTA2 v11.44 fixes this bug without modifying the script files. If you have v11.44 then don’t install the below fix (unless you really want the cars that are supposed to be on trailers to not be on trailers).

If you save the game after attempting any trailer kill frenzy (these are cars on top of trailers that can only be taken down by certain cranes), GTA2 will crash when you load the save since it tries to put a car that no longer exists on top of a trailer. I fixed this bug on level 3 (Industrial) by adding a check to the .mis file, to see if the car exists before trying to put it on a trailer.

I can’t do that for level 2 since the level 2 .mis file was never released but I was able to patch the level 2 ste.SCR (Residential) with a hex editor and remove the PUT_CAR_ON_TRAILER commands completely. This will stop the game from crashing when you load the saved game. The car won’t be on the trailer, so you can just start the kill frenzy without taking the trailer to the crane.

GTA2 trailer screenshot
Download: gta2-trailer-kill-frenzy-fix.7z – 76KB
Extract the files to your GTA2\data folder

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  1. Good work! What programs did you use and at what level did you edit the second city? Disassembler, soft ice and such? Would love to hear the details :]

  2. I made a small dummy script with PUT_CAR_ON_TRAILER, compiled it, made a backup of the compiled script, changed the car referenced in the PUT_CAR_ON_TRAILER line and recompiled. Used fc.exe to compare the two files and that gave me a few addresses to look at in a hex editor (XV32). I noticed they all had 3C01 in common, so 3C01 was most likely the PUT_CAR_ON_TRAILER command. I experimented with the bytes around 3C01 and was able to change some to zeroes without crashing GTA2 and on my dummy script they stopped the car being put on a trailer. I searched ste.SCR for 3C01 and changed the parts that were related to PUT_CAR_CAR_TRAILER to zeros.

  3. Nice fix, came in handy, particularly if you wanna do the game 100% and get all the rampages (which I’m trying).

    On a side note, any tips for those really difficult rampages in residential district whereby you have to destroy 20 cop cars either using a rocket launcher (rampage #3 found in redneck territory) or destroy 20 cop cars using electro gun (rampage #8 found in scientist territory).

    These seem impossible to do cos you only get a minute which means one car every 3 seconds and there just aren’t that many coming at you in this game. Also once you start blowing them up the wanted level increases and then you get swat/special forces after you which are harder to kill (2 hits each with rocket launcher) and just kill you faster.

    I also tried the old stashing technique, i.e. steal a car, stash it near the rampage, steal another, but this game is annoying cos it seems to limit the stashing to 6 cars, and after that no cops come at you at all (at least while those 6 cars are still active).

  4. I used the teleport cheat to help with some of the frenzies but they seem possible without that, just much harder than anything else in the game. If they really are impossible then I can make them easier but I want to keep them as close to the original as possible.

  5. Thank you so much for this fix!
    I have played the second level for a few days now, got nearly 100% and after the trailer killing spree it kept crashing I really thought thats it.Now everything is fine!
    Greetings Puschel

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