GTA2 multiplayer guide

How do I play GTA2 multiplayer online or on LAN?

The easiest way to play online is with GTA2 Game Hunter. If you want to do it the manual way or play on LAN then follow the instructions below:


    1. Find a GTA2 player with broadband
    2. Tell your friend your IP address [show_ip]. If you are playing on LAN then you could get your IP internal by running cmd.exe and typing IPCONFIG or just leave it blank.
    3. Start GTA2 Manager.exe
    4. Click Network, select TCP/IP and leave protocol connection blank
    5. Click Start Network Game

    1. Enter a name for your player and click create

  1. Select the map and other game settings
  2. Tell your friend to join your game and then wait.


    1. Get the host IP address and copy it to the clipboard.
    2. Start GTA2 Manager.
    3. Click Network, select TCP/IP and put the host IP address in the protocol connection box (on LAN you can leave it blank or put the LAN IP).
    4. Click Start Network Game.

    1. If you see your friends game then click Join.

  1. Close anything that is using bandwidth or any app that could popup a window and wait for the host to start.

If this doesn't work then make sure you have the right IP address and check if you are behind a router or a firewall is in the way. Remove it if you can and try for a direct connection or if you are smart and you know how to setup your firewall/router then you can forward these ports:

47624 TCP/UDP
2300-2400 TCP/UDP ( forward the whole range, 100 ports )
GTA2 router setup info - It used to be more detailed but now it just links to since they have screenshots for hundreds of routers.

If it doesn't work then read the GTA2 multiplayer FAQ. On a LAN, UPnP and firewalls can still be a problem, so try and disable both of those.

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  1. works for me , bit of lag tho


  3. I can’t get mine to work… it’s on a LAN and I can see the game appear (point 5) but when I click on ‘join’ nothing happens. :/

  4. Disable UPnP and firewalls on LAN.

  5. what if it doesn’t move to step 5?

  6. Never mind, it just took a really long time to get there

  7. I am running a router and i have done PF(port forwarding) but still the game i join remains blank and i can’t click join please help administrator

  8. Ok is super, i can in the multiplayer modus, thanks

  9. am wating for some1 to join me


  11. when i click on “create” nothing happens but the process “gta2.exe” is in the taskmanager. when i try to join i cant see the game. its on lan and the network definetly works, got 2 mates playing. windows firewall is turned off and they are in the same network group. one with windows 2000 one with windows vista, im on windows xp. can any1 help?

  12. If nothing happens when you click create then it usually means TCP/IP isn’t selected or some other application is using port 47624. If those are fine then maybe you need to reinstall DirectX.

  13. how can I know The IP address

  14. hi
    can play gta2 online

  15. dude it’s work thanks !!!

  16. hm…i doesnt work

  17. please some guy send me multiplayer my ip adress is markokast

  18. Howe do jou pla the GAME GTA San Andreas with a frend on lan

  19. Thank you very much, kind sir!

  20. Is there any fix so you can play more than 4 people? Would like that a lot!

  21. GTA2 supports 6 players.

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    name: GTA2nack
    pass: 1234

  25. umm am waitn for osme1 o join

  26. how can i download the GTA2 Manager.exe and where??

  27. nice april fools joke. it comes with gta2

  28. can someone invite me to a gta 2 online match

  29. no vale

  30. whether fathers who play please

  31. Im waiting for anyone online.

  32. gracias vieja

  33. hi all! Everything works! well… almost everything. I see the game in the list, but when I try to join, my program stops responding. Does anyone know what could cause this/ how to solve this?
    thanks a bunch in advance,

  34. It usually means the host doesn’t have port 2300-2400 open or UPnP needs to be disabled.

  35. eu nao consegui jogar

  36. How the hell to play LAN

  37. doesnt work.

  38. This worked for me (Version 9.6 & 11.44):

    Guy who hosts the server
    Port 47624 UDP & TCP
    Port 2300 TCP

    Guy who joins the server over Internet:
    Port 2300 TCP

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