GTA2 movies

Genocide Bonus!

GTA2multivideos by gdaydev
DrSlony’s site – GTA2 match recordings, glitches and other GTA2 related files.

Music: Fonzerelli – moonlight party
Programs used: Fraps, windows movie maker 2 + Creativity Fun Pack and of course Grand Theft Auto 2
More GTA2 multiplayer gameplay on Hidden Surprise map. There’s a well timed car explosion during a roof ride, that sends a player flying.

GTA2 movie: Last Level of Euphoria (
BIT has created another GTA2 movie. It’s mostly gameplay on the multiplayer level, Hidden Surprise. There are some nice rocket hits and molotov throws.

Korean GTA2 multiplayer gameplay videos

Yakuza’s gta2movie.wmv 42MB (downloaded from but that site no longer exists)
It shows off GTA2 multiplayer action, including three players in tanks on Residential map. Cool and funny. My favourite GTA2 movie so far.

gta2_molotov_bounce_2006-07-01.avi 3MB
This shows a molotov bounce off a truck and land on the ground without exploding instantly.

gta2bloodglitch.avi 400KB – no sound
gta2bloodglitch.wmv 2.29MB – Benny Hill music
If you drive into water at high speed and jump out, you can get stuck under the car. This will drain all your frags and you will spurt blood until the car sinks. I managed to get the car stuck to a wrecked car, so it will never sink and will spurt blood forever. Sorry for the jumpyness, it was made with a series of screenshots.
Some old boring screenshots from my GTA2 multiplayer games – Beware of incoming rockets!

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