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Grand Theft Auto 2 PC cheats:

The best way to cheat in GTA2 PC is by using the built in debug menu. Import this registry key and then run GTA2 Manager. You should now have a debug tab with many checkboxes on it. The ones you might want are “Get All Weapons”, “Player Invulnerable”, “Keep Weapons After Death” and the best one “Do Debug Keys”. When you have debug keys enabled, you can push C to display coordinates, 4 to increase wanted level, 5 to clear wanted level and 1, 2, 3 to change gang respect. Many of the debug keys use the numeric keypad, “. Del” to restore health, “0 Ins” to teleport, “/” to switch camera to a dummy vehicle, “-” to toggle fast forward, “+” to pause frame by frame, “7” to zoom out, “9” to zoom in, “2” to unlock camera and “5” to lock camera on player.

There are also name cheats. All of these cheats work on the free Rockstar classics version.

Before you start the game, you can enter a name for your character. The default name is “PLAYER 0”, select it and push enter to rename.  Change it to “GOURANGA”, you should hear a chime and then change the name to any of the cheats that you want to enable. You can change it back to the name you want and start the game.

GOREFEST – Enable blood splats
MADEMAN – Max respect for all gangs at start
EATSOUP – Free Shopping (free vehicle weapons and resprays)
CUTIE1 – Gives the player 99 lives
ARSESTAR – Keep weapons after death
DANISGOD – Gives the player $200,000
MUCHCASH – Gives the player $500,000 (no chime sound, works without GOURANGA)
IAMDAVEJ – Gives the player $9,999,999
SEGARULZ – Gives the player a multiplier of 10
COCKTART – Skip exploding scores
DAVEMOON – Basic set of weapons + max ammo
GODOFGTA – All weapons + max ammo
VOLTFEST – Electro Gun with infinite ammo
FLAMEON – Flame Thrower with infinite ammo
SCHURULZ – Infinite ‘double damage’ powerup
RSJABBER – Infinite ‘invulnerability’ powerup
HUNSRUS – Infinite ‘invisibility’ powerup
BUCKFAST – All dummy chars are muggers
NEKKID – All dummy chars are naked
LASVEGAS – All dummy chars are Elvis
FISHFLAP – All cars are ‘mini cars’
UKGAMER – Unlocks all main and bonus levels
TUMYFROG – Unlocks all main and bonus levels

New cheat hashes brute forced by vike on 2011/11/19:

GAOLLOT, HHUBEMAN, BARFXSEK, BSEKHACK – Infinite ‘get out of jail free’ cards
NMAPNOW, VIKEFRAT – Unlocks level two


These don’t work and have no chime sound. They are posted on many sites:
JAILBAIT – Infinite ‘get out of jail free’ cards
GINGERR – Unlocks level two

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  1. Yes, just rename your character to the cheats you want enabled before you start the game. It’s much easier to use GTA2 Power Manager for cheats, no need type anything.

  2. Read the instructions. You have to rename your character to GOURANGA before you start and then rename to the cheat you want. If you started the game already then you can’t cheat.

  3. I did everything listed above. I downloaded gta via the rockgames site, ( register and you can download it for free), but that gouranga and other stuff isnt working.. do you have any idea what can be he cause of that?
    kind regards from the netherlands!

  4. Updated the so that it also works with v11.39.

    It creates these registry keys:


  5. Can you tell me the PC version of GTA2 with flying glitch? and where to download?

  6. when i download gamehunter and get mods, it erases singleplayer mode and if you put click GTA2 in the manager it loads up my most recent multiplayer map…so i re-install and once i click GTA2 in the manager (its how i like to open GTA2) it says Error! unable to open file: data/DDR.sty

  7. so I downloaded a map and I want to play it in singleplayer. so I used game hunter, probably. but, how do I activate cheats in game hunter?

  8. i have an old version ( ) and it has the best bug/cheat EVER !
    if u have granade or koctelmolotof and u r in high place like a roof when u jump and then use ctrl ( attack ) constantly u will fly !!!!

    it won;t work on latest version !!!!

    how can i run the old version ( ) on win 7 64 bit ???
    please contact me trough my email :

  9. You can still fly on the latest version, get flamethrower and grenade, hold down fire until flame runs out and then jump and you will fly without having to tap, just keep holding jump.

  10. I updated powerpatch to work on Windows 10 with 9.6 free version and Steam version.

    I just added this key:


  11. The cheat code to unlock level two is “GINGERRR” (three Rs).

    The “JAILBAIT” cheat doesn’t work because of a typo by the developers in checking the hash of the cheat code (282904 instead of 282094).

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