GTA1 multiplayer

How to start a GTA1 multiplayer game

For sync reasons, it’s best to use the same version of Windows as your opponent. This only really matter if a player is still using Windows 95/98/ME.

All players must open these network ports. If you don’t follow those instructions, it simply won’t work.


1: Find someone who wants to play GTA1 multiplayer. Ask Game Hunter players.
2: Tell your friend your IP address [show_ip]. If you are playing on LAN then you could get your IP internal by running cmd.exe and typing IPCONFIG or just leave it blank.
3: Start GTA1 and choose gather network
4: Select your character, city and either cannonball run or deathmatch
5: Select Internet TCP/IP
6: Name your session game (any name will do)
7: If you choose deathmatch then you can select points or frags to win
8: You should be on gathering screen. Wait for your friend to join.


1: Get your friends IP address and remember it or copy to clipboard
2: Start GTA1 and choose join network
3: Select your character
4: Select Internet TCP/IP
5: Type or paste your friends IP address
6: Hopefully you can see the name of your friends game.

If this doesn’t work then make sure you have the right IP address and check if you are behind a router or a firewall is in the way. Remove it if you can and try for a direct connection or if you are smart then you can forward these GTA network ports.

Q: Why is my friend running into walls?
A: Maybe he just sucks or maybe the game is out of sync.
If you have mods installed then make sure your friend has exactly the same mods. I know it’s strange but you must use the same version of Windows as your opponent or GTA1 instantly go out of sync.

Q: Why is multiplayer running slowly?
A: GTA1 wasn’t made for dialup or high latency connections. Even if both users have broadband the game can be really slow if you are far away from your opponent or you just have poor routing between you. Close bittorrent and anything that could be uploading or downloading. If you are sharing bandwidth with others then kick them off the network.

Q: How do I send messages?
A: Messages don’t work in GTA1 Windows version. You can send them with F1-F4 but they are never received. It’s a bug and there’s no fix.

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