GTA1 cheats

Grand Theft Auto 1/classic/original PC Cheats
At the character selection screen press Delete amd enter one of the following codes and press Enter to activate it. The sound of a revving engine confirms correct entry.

All Weapons, All Armor, Get Out of Jail Free card – SUCKMYROCKET
10x multiplier – HATEMACHINE
Raise point values – % MACHINE
999,999,999 points – ITCOULDBEYOU
All levels and cities – ITSGALLUS or NINEINAROW or SUPER WELL
Press the * asterisk button for all weapons.
Infinite lives – ITSTANTRUM or 6031769
Hijack train – Press Ctrl + Enter after entering train.
Enable Offensive language – IAMGARYPENN
Disable Offensive language – IAMNOTGARYPENN

Debug mode – PORKCHARSUI and press one of the following keys to activate the cheat

Effect Key
Screen capture in .TGA format D
Zoom in (aerial camera) L
Zoom in (ground camera) [
Zoom out (aerial camera) K
Zoom out (ground camera) ]
Pan camera up [Numpad 8]
Pan camera down [Numpad 2]
Pan camera right [Numpad 6]
Pan camera left [Numpad 4]
Center camera view [Home]
Pause and advance single frame [Numpad Plus]
All weapons with full ammo [Numpad *]
Current status and coordinates C
Change screen mode R
Restart level [F12]

Captured screens are stored as DUMP.TGA files within the /GTADOS subdirectory.

14 thoughts on “GTA1 cheats”

  1. Sektor, the best GTA1 source to be ever found on web has been created by you, no doubt=) thank you so much.
    I just wonder whether GTA (the latest one which is downloadable from Rockstar’s page) could feature a god mode cheat? Or is there any trainer to include this found on web?(like refreshing the armor by using a key as the cheat ‘Buckfast’ does.)
    Thanks a lot! GTA1 and spirit of ’97 forever!

  2. I can put two or three cheats in GTA 1, UK and 2? I want to say; if change the name to the cheat words and the cheat is activated, i can change again to activate another? the first cheat will be deactivated?

  3. “Heart of Gold” works with this exact spelling and case. All it does is unlock cutscenes, to be paired with “itsgallus” I guess.

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