GTA1 cheats

Grand Theft Auto 1/classic/original PC Cheats
At the character selection screen press Delete amd enter one of the following codes and press Enter to activate it. The sound of a revving engine confirms correct entry.

All Weapons, All Armor, Get Out of Jail Free card – SUCKMYROCKET
10x multiplier – HATEMACHINE
Raise point values – % MACHINE
999,999,999 points – ITCOULDBEYOU
All levels and cities – ITSGALLUS or NINEINAROW or SUPER WELL
Press the * asterisk button for all weapons.
Infinite lives – ITSTANTRUM or 6031769
Hijack train – Press Ctrl + Enter after entering train.
Enable Offensive language – IAMGARYPENN
Disable Offensive language – IAMNOTGARYPENN

Debug mode – PORKCHARSUI and press one of the following keys to activate the cheat

Effect Key
Screen capture in .TGA format D
Zoom in (aerial camera) L
Zoom in (ground camera) [
Zoom out (aerial camera) K
Zoom out (ground camera) ]
Pan camera up [Numpad 8]
Pan camera down [Numpad 2]
Pan camera right [Numpad 6]
Pan camera left [Numpad 4]
Center camera view [Home]
Pause and advance single frame [Numpad Plus]
All weapons with full ammo [Numpad *]
Current status and coordinates C
Change screen mode R
Restart level [F12]

Captured screens are stored as DUMP.TGA files within the /GTADOS subdirectory.

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  1. Sektor, the best GTA1 source to be ever found on web has been created by you, no doubt=) thank you so much.
    I just wonder whether GTA (the latest one which is downloadable from Rockstar’s page) could feature a god mode cheat? Or is there any trainer to include this found on web?(like refreshing the armor by using a key as the cheat ‘Buckfast’ does.)
    Thanks a lot! GTA1 and spirit of ’97 forever!

  2. I can put two or three cheats in GTA 1, UK and 2? I want to say; if change the name to the cheat words and the cheat is activated, i can change again to activate another? the first cheat will be deactivated?

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