Bloodring - Destruction Derby

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Bloodring - Destruction Derby

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I'm back with another map, which is basically cars battle (similar to Vigilante 8 ps1 game). It's highly susceptible to changes, so I need feedback. There's a lot of possibilites for this map.

I had this idea while creating another map (a special map, work in progress). 2 players is enough to play this map; it is simple and fast.

All players spawn near some vehicles. For now the player have to choose one of the 4 cars (there is room to 6). After entering a car, the player will be locked in it and hereafter cannot get out of their car. The player can enter the arena by plunging himself with his car. All cars are invencible to bullets, flame & rockets till round start.

Once all players have chosen their cars and entered the arena, all cars protections turns off and the round begins. All players have to destroy their oponents only using vehicles ammo, like Machine-Gun, Mines and Oil Slick. Yes, the oil slick can be useful in this map :o . Each player will receive 5 mines and 5 oil slicks in the beginning (this may be changed later).

When a player dies in combat, he will respawn on the grandstand and can spectate the battle (at least on the sides).

The round ends if there is less than 2 players alive (less than 1 if you're playing singleplayer). If a player survives at the end, he will stand out on the top of the podium. After some seconds, the map will restart.

Each round all players gain some score, but it isn't used yet.

Currently cars:
- Rumble (Average car)
- Bus (No collide, but Heavy Mass & strength to compensate the self-damage)
- GT-A1 (more fragile, but fast)
- Firetruck (firethrower)

All cars above has some physics modified, especially the anti-strength. I initialy decrease the anti-strength, so for example the Rumble can suffer up to two mines before explodes. Also, this prevents rounds ending too fast. If you want to test alone this map, I recommend start a network game of 1 player and start, so the game will use the custom .gci and .gxt

All cars have 99 ammo of machine-gun equiped, except the Firetruck. I think it would be super-looted with car weapons, since it has the water cannon (this may change by feedback).

Powerups inside arena (for now):
- Repair Car

The "repair car" powerup spawns at the center of the arena after some time. The first player to run at it will get his car 100% repaired (percentage may be changed later if it's too overpowered). The repair just set the car damage to 0, so the car still looks damaged. If your car is on fire, the fire will remain on it, but it's only visual. (if I manage how to repair the car visual, or at least eliminate the fire sprite, I will update the code). Although that powerup uses memory edit, it is coded in a way that causes no desync (I guess. I don't tested with another real player yet).

I need feedback about:

Add new or replace other cars:
- Ice Cream Truck (rigged with a bomb)
- Only Tanks mode
- All sugestions are welcome!

Mines & Oil Slick:
Acquire by:
- car shop in spawn point? (using score)
- generator? (inside the arena or in spawn point?)

Bomb shop in spawn point?

Generator Powerups inside the arena:
- Double Damage?
- Fast Reload?


Possible problems:
- The (ROCKET/FLAME/BULLET)PROOF do not prevents crash damage, so if you choose the Bus, do not run at another players before the round starts (fair play).
- If you die before choosing a car, the round will not start until you reach the corners of the arena and enter the "Battle" zone. To prevent that... just don't die before picking a car.

EDIT: version 0.1.1:
- Map renamed to "Bloodring - Destruction Derby"
- Kill messages now works better
- All mines generators now gives 3 instead of 5
- All oil slicks generators now gives 1 instead of 5
Last version of the map
(92.34 KiB) Downloaded 5 times
Image of the Arena
Image of the Arena
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