MVC interview Sam Houser

MVC have posted an interview with Sam Houser, the co-founder and Executive Producer on the GTA games.

Houser says that surviving in an environment in which large numbers of powerful people want to put you out of business for their own political or economic capital has been the biggest challenge of his career.

Full interview:


2007-10-12 – GTA IV multiplayer – 16 players
“Rockstar’s man on the scene told GamingExcellence that they had begun testing the various plots and that the developers were considering the possibility of having an open world completely unlocked from the start of the game. We also understand that the game’s multiplayer mode, unseen in the GTA franchise since GTA2 in 1999*, is aiming for at least 16 simultaneous players, with more than just the usual deathmatch mode.”

2007-10-06 – Rockstar not happy with Simpsons game content
Normally, it’s Rockstar that has to deal with complaints about their game content but in this case, Rockstar is doing the complaining. Apparently they have demanded that content parodying GTA be removed from EA’s new Simpsons game. It is likely that Rockstar’s lawyers are just trying to protect their property but it still seems like a very hypocritical move, considering that all of Rockstar’s GTA games contain many parodies of movies and even some games.

2007-09-07 – The IT Crowd Anti Piracy Ad parody

2007-09-06 – MTASA deathmatch video
MTASA deathmatch video

2007-08-31 – SA-MP v0.2.2 R2 client released
“Due to some bugs/crashes/problems that were not found during beta testing of 0.2.2, we’re releasing the 0.2.2 R2 client. Please update to this version. This is a client only update. The 0.2.2 server does not need to be updated.

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Some crashes related to models/pickups.
  • Collision processing issues (may fall through the ground).
  • Chat window wrapping server messages.
  • Texture rendering if your graphics card uses a custom d3dx9_25.dll.

There may be another 0.2.2 bugfix release before we start work on SA-MP 0.3.”

2007-08-30 – SA-MP v0.2.2 released
San Andreas Multiplayer v0.2.2 has been released. It includes the following changes:

  • Chat window is now scrollable with upto 5 pages of text (50 lines).
  • Chat window now wraps text properly over multiple lines.
  • Chat entry improved, it allows upto 128 character messages, supports selection, copy and paste etc.
  • All text rendering has been heavily optimised. Chat text now has no noticable impact on framerate.
  • Name tags cannot be seen through walls/objects.
  • A car mod shop crash applying certain car mods has been fixed.
  • Pickup limit increased to 400.
  • The server can now disable all interior entrances/exits.
  • Native sqlite database support for pawn. Sqlite is a lightweight alternative to the mysql plugin.
  • The name tag drawing distance can be set from the server.
  • Insane stunt bonuses can be toggled on/off by the server.
  • Various netcode security updates.
  • 0.2.2 will use the second major version of SAC.
  • Player head movement sync added. Player’s characters will look in the direction their camera is looking.
  • A new cellphone action enables players to hold a cellphone and look like they’re on a call (useful for pen1 based scripts).
  • New usable skins; Tenpenny, Pulaski, Hernandez, Ryder, Smoke, Sweet, Mafia Boss.
  • Bandwidth and ped sync improvements. 0.2.2 will consume less server bandwidth than 0.2.1.
  • Fixed bug with setting player colors of players 100,101,102.
  • Increased timeouts to prevent connection loss.
  • Decreased CPU time required to process vehicles on the client.
  • Fixed animation problem with fire hydrant and spray can.
  • Fixed nametags with no player issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the client wasn’t displaying “You are banned”, “Server is full.” messages.


2007-08-24 – GTA2 multiplayer map – Block Fort – 67KB (6 players) – “Loosely based off the Mario Kart 64 arena of the same name. This map has a team mode with up to three players per team. The smaller version is idea for a frantic match of tag, since it is symmetrical. The larger version provides a more traditional gta2 experience, complimenting the small arena with an outer ring of weapons and car equipment shops. The full version differs from the teams version only in having 4 tanks. The team version has 3 race cars at each base in place of the tanks.” – Wario5

2007-08-03 – GTA IV delayed
Sadly, GTA IV release date has been delayed from October 2007 to fiscal 2008 (sometime in Feb, March or April) due to additional development time required to complete the title.
Take2 press release

2007-07-14 – We Know The Truth
If you are over 18 and can call a US phone number, you have a chance to get your voice on the radio of GTA IV or a future Rockstar game. Check the links below for more information. WKTTRADIO message recording (thanks to Jordon from

2007-07-12 – GTA IV multiplayer
A short comment on GTA IV multiplayer was posted in an news article.
“In addition to the exclusive content for Xbox 360, GTA IV will feature a multiplayer mode on Xbox LIVE that will match the drama and intensity of Niko’s solo mission.”

2007-07-11 – GTA IV trailer remade in San Andreas
Check out this fan made recreaction of the the GTA IV trailer in the San Andreas engine.

2007-06-29 – GTA IV trailer “Looking for that special someone”
The 2nd GTA IV trailer is up on, and even XBOX 360 Media Marketplace.

2007-06-24 – SA-MP v0.2.1 released
“Due to some crashes in the SA-MP server and some minor bugs with the in-game weather, we have decided to release SA-MP server and client version 0.2.1.” Link:

2007-06-21 – SA-MP v0.2 released
This is a multiplayer mod for the PC version of San Andreas. This version includes:
“Tanks, sniper rifles, trains, trams, gang zones, bug fixes and more…”

2007-05-12 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.4821 (compulsory update)
You must update to this version. Old versions will no longer work. I don’t normally force updates but I’ve been allowing old versions to connect for a long time and it’s just much easier to support if everyone is using the latest and greatest. If you preferred another version or have a problem with this version then contact me.

  • Added country flag images in the country columns
  • Country name is displayed as a tooltip when you move the mouse over flag in the CC column
  • Added an arrow image to show which column is being used to sort and which direction the sort is going
  • Sort preferences are saved
  • /nick works again
  • IRC password is now displayed as asterisks. It’s still saved in the registry as plain text.
  • Fixed Overflow 330 message when staying connected to GH for a long time
  • Changed “Your game lasted for” message colour to purple
  • Fixed the tab indexes on the settings screen
  • Removed and replaced it with

Download from the GTA2 page

2007-05-10 – GTA2 maps: Wario Town and Suburban Anarchy
Wario5 updated Wario Town to work with the current version of Game Hunter and he made a new map with bots, called Suburban Anarchy.
Download from the GTA2 map page

2007-05-09 – GTA2: Endgame
DON_AWI, Cuban Pete, Bit and others are creating a short movie using the GTA2 engine. They want ideas for a story and any help they can get. Read this forum post for more information.

2007-05-01 – Grand Theft Arlen
Fox recently aired an episode of “King of the Hill” titled “Grand Theft Arlen”. It featured a Grand Theft Auto style game called “Pro-Pain”. I’ve never been a fan of King of the Hill and I can’t believe it lasted this long but for gamers and GTA fans, this episode is actually worth checking out.

A detailed description of the episode can be found at

2007-04-17 – Open GTA update
“It took a while, parts of it are still incomplete and slightly bug-prone. You can shoot peds that are walking around randomly. See ‘readme.txt’ for all functions & keys.” – tok

Extract to your gta\gtadata folder and run “viewer.exe -c 1”. You can’t drive cars yet.
Push F4 to spawn the player.
i,j,k,l : move player-char
left-shift : toggle walking/running
0 : unselect weapon / unarmed
1,2,3,4 : select weapon (only switches graphic)
left-ctrl : fire weapon
F7 : draw explosion at player pos (graphical effect)
F8 : create random-walker ped at player-pos
Source code, Windows binary and Linux binary can be downloaded from

2007-04-08 – SA-MP 0.2 Public Beta Test
edit: Test is now over

2007-04-07 – Top Down City – Explosion testing video
Top Down City is a GTA clone being developed by Jernej L. This video demonstrates explosions, shock waves and explosion jumping.

2007-03-29 – GTA IV trailer released

“Life is complicated. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different.”

2007-03-24 – HSBC advert based on GTA

2007-03-20 – GTA2 gameplay movie
“Tricky-Master Movie” by DON_AWI and Cuban_Pete

2007-03-18 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.481 beta

  • Added ping column to the player list (players are only pinged if they join after you or if they host a game, many will block pings, so you get no reply)
  • The player section width is now resizable (drag the vertical divider left or right)
  • Window size/state settings are saved for the GH Create Game window
  • Fixed Error while trying to join: Index out of bounds – Line: 50
  • Fixed a display problem on Windows 98 (carriage return was not being added to the end of messages)
  • Fixed /quit command, it hasn’t been sending quit messages or disconnecting since 1.479
  • Changed whois reply colour to purple
  • Chat message box no longer highlights a blank space at startup (no more little black square)

2007-03-03 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.48 beta

  • Switched from vbalEdit.ocx to the standard RichTextBox control (this should make GH compatible with Windows Vista but it has not been tested)
  • When trying to join a game, GH was sending the comment from the most recently hosted game to mpaddon. This would show the wrong comment if the game you tried to join was not the most recently hosted game. It now uses the comment from the game you tried to join.
  • When you click on a name in the player list, the player list is disabled and focus is given to the chat window. The player list is enabled again as soon as you you type a character but the chat Window will keep the focus.
  • A space was added to the end of “/msg ” (the command automatically filled in after you send a private message)
  • /wii is now an alias for /whois
  • If you try to join a Hamachi game, there were sometimes multiple popups saying click OK. Hopefully that’s gone now but it’s not fully tested.
  • Possibly fixed “processing error: Index out of bounds – Line: 3190” when trying to join a password protected game that was removed during join
  • Added some new bugs
  • Bug: Now it displays “Error while trying to join: Index out of bounds – Line: 50”
  • Bug: Broke the hyperlinks in the topic. They still work in the chat history. It will be fixed.
  • Bug: Windows 98 doesn’t add carriage returns to the end of lines in this version.

2007-03-02 – Countdown to GTA IV trailer

Rockstar Games site has been updated with a counter to the release of the first Grand Theft Auto IV trailer. The trailer will be released on the 29th of March.

2007-02-19 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.479

  • mpaddon update by JernejL – Now works if your GTA2 language is not set to English (should no longer shrink your GTA2 window)
  • Pinging each user who joins or hosts is now optional
  • Games will now be added to the list even if GH is unable to resolve the IP
  • Fixed “Error while trying to join: Index out of bounds – Line: 60”, error with trying to join a game at the same time the host quit
  • Possibly fixed “processing error: Index out of bounds – Line: 3170”, error with joining password protected games that had no version number
  • Fixed a rare error when launching GTA2 in singleplayer “1p error: Overflow Line: 360”.
  • Fixed the tab index order on the settings screen
  • Improved the code that processes / commands
  • Changed /help text colour to purple
  • Added /dns host command
  • “Click OK when Hamachi has finished loading and logging.” changed to “Click OK when Hamachi has finished loading and logging in.”
  • Added a Settings button (I’ll change to a toolbar eventually)

2007-02-17 – Open GTA status update
“No new features, in fact several things are still broken; yet the much needed rewrite of some classes is nearly complete. I see little reason of a full release at this time; however, the cvs is (for once) nearly identical to my latest version.” – ZeroXP
Open GTA

2007-02-14 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.4781 problems
Some of your Windows may shrink to a tiny size if your GTA2 language is not set to English and you have “Enhance GTA2 network screen” option enabled. I recommend you set your GTA2 language to English or untick “Enhance GTA2 network screen” in the settings. I will try to fix it in the next version.

2007-02-10 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.4781

  • Fixed a major bug that prevented users from hosting if they had less than 95 MMP files and data\tempMMP folder didn’t exist
  • Typing /wi or /whois without a name will no longer trigger an “Invalid procedure call or argument”
  • If you are using the enhanced GTA2 network screen, alt + c will no longer be sent. The button is pushed using a more reliable method.

2007-02-06 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.477

  • The GTA2 network screen has received a face lift (Thanks to JernejL)
  • If a host had not selected a country and their hostname ended in .com, .net or .org, then two characters would be missing from the MMP name. This prevented people from joining their game. Joiners would receive a message saying they didn’t have the map since it was looking for a map with two letters missing.
  • Maximum game comment length increased from 20 to 60 characters
  • You can try to join a game by clicking anywhere on the row (FullRowSelect). Previously you had to click in the Game column.
  • The map list is scrolled to the previously selected map (EnsureVisible)
  • Map selection screen is resizable, full row selectable and grid line enabled
  • If you have less than 100 MMP files then your custom MMPs will no longer be moved.
  • IRC name is displayed in titlebar instead of a label.
  • The message “If it is your nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password” is now hidden. You don’t need to type that command, it is sent automatically.
  • GTA2 can now be launched from a network path (UNC path). Previously it had to be installed on a local drive.

2007-01-21 – MADtv parody: GTA Kansas
I saw this on MADtv a few weeks ago. It’s worth a look for a laugh: youtube video: Grand Theft Auto Kansas

2007-01-15 – Open GTA
ZeroXP is creating an open source GTA engine: Open GTA. It’s not a playable game yet but he has been working on it for a while. Currently it can open the GTA1 map and graphics files and allows you to scroll around the city. There is a preview available for Windows and Linux. It should be fairly easy to port to other systems, provided they have the required libs.


2006-10-27 – CheatDevice 1.0d PRX for GTA:LCS PSP
"New PRX version for use with DevHook! Works with any emulated firmware version. Works with the new patched US disk and the original US and UK disks. Sorry, the patched UK disk is not currently supported."

2006-10-25 – VC-MP v0.3
Vice City Multiplayer v0.3 has been released.


  • netcode (allows 50 players now)
  • sync (smoother sync overall)
  • browser (SA:MP browser interface)
  • admin (in-game commands added)


  • synced pickups (defined thru ini)
  • maximum flight height raised
  • tires popping is synced
  • added chat commands /msg and /me
  • armour bars added above health bars
  • bugs fixed

Download from

2006-10-24 – Vice City Stories PSP – All multiplayer modes revealed
Thanks to PSM magazine and, we now know all the VCS multiplayer modes and details. Check my Vice City Stories page for all the info.

2006-10-24 – Rollercoaster slaughter
Bowling + Rollercoaster = Fun!

2006-10-23 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.475

  • Added /whois nick and /wi. This lets you see how long a player has been idle in the chat and also how long ago they connected.
  • Debug registry key was still being deleted on exit (I accidentally used .DeleteKey instead of .DeleteValue).

Download from the GTA2 page
Please contact me, if you find any bugs.

2006-10-22 – Tiny Town and Face Off – No Invulnerabilty
I patched Tiny Town and Face Off to remove the invulnerabilty powerup. Extract to GTA2\data. It won’t replace your existing scripts, so you can still play the original with invul.
Download: 42KB

2006-10-22 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.474

  • If a comment ended in C, J or JR then no one would see your game in the list
  • The currently selected map is now displayed in the titlebar on the create game screen
  • Game comments are sent as a private message when a player tries to join your game. This means all versions will see the comments.
  • "/QUIT msg" is supported. To prevent quit message spam, the server doesn’t display a custom quit message if you only recently connected.
  • "/NICK name" is supported.
  • Most GTA2 debug registry settings are now left alone (only skip frontend and script/map/style name are modified) – edit: oops I was wrong, it still deletes the debug registry key on exit.
  • Hamachi password is now correctly sent to joiners
  • When joining a Hamachi game, GTA2 IP is set to blank (for automatic searching) instead of
  • IRC password can now be set to nothing

2006-10-21 – Payback for GP2X – playable demo
If you are one of the few who own a GP2X portable system then you might be interested in the GTA clone Payback. A playable demo has recently been released. official site

2006-10-20 – Vice City Stories multiplayer
IGN has a preview of some of the Vice City Stories multiplayer modes. As was already known, it will not support online/internet play. All the modes from Liberty City Stories are there and a few new ones. Some of the street races now require you to switch vehicle several times during the race. You could start in a car, switch to a boat, switch to a chopper and finally back to a car. One of the new multiplayer modes is called "Might of the Hunter" and involves the use of the Hunter helicopter to kill your opponents.

2006-10-20 – Golden Joystick Awards 2006 – GOTY soon
According to , these are the current contenders for Golden Joystick’s Game Of The Year Award 2006:

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Call of Duty 2
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition
  • Half-Life 2
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
  • Mario Kart DS
  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5
  • Resident Evil 4

The awards ceremony will take place at the Park Lane Hilton, London in the Grand Ballroom on Friday, October 27.
Get your votes in now!

2006-10-08 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.473

  • "in game" status should be removed correctly now. Previously it was only removed for people currently in the channel and not new joiners.
  • You can now easily test multiplayer maps in singleplayer. Some scripts will try to use commands on players 2-6, so they will crash.
  • The "player is trying to join your game" message is now displayed no matter what version of GH the joiner is using. Join sound is only played if they are granted access to your game.
  • Added a slightly more informative error message than index out of bounds.

2006-10-07 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.472

  • I forgot to include keep.ini, so when you hosted, the only map available on the GTA2 network screen was the one you selected in GH.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes replaced your GTA2 path with your IRC password (was being saved to wrong registry key)
  • Removed some debug messages including blnDisconnectClick
  • Fixed a bug that locally displayed a "-" instead of your Hamachi Network name
  • Fixed some bugs when trying to join a password protected game (index out of bounds, nothing happening)

2006-10-07 – GTA2 multiplayer movie
GTA2online-best_player.wmv 19MB – Thanks to BIT and others.

2006-10-07 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.471

  • Players who joined weren’t being added to the player list (no idea how I missed this)
  • Included MSCOMCTL.OCX in the installer just in case you are missing it or it’s not correctly registered

2006-10-07 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.47

  • Map name is now displayed
  • If someone doesn’t have the same .mmp file as your hosted map, they will not be able to join
  • The 100 .mmp limit is no longer an issue. Install as many maps as you like. MMP files that you aren’t using are moved to GTA2\data\tempMMP.
  • Most columns are now sortable and resizable
  • You can select which server to connect to from a hard coded list (all servers are linked, so all have same players)
  • Hamachi support. Auto launch Hamachi and join Hamachi networks. For hosting, you have to manually create Hamachi networks.
  • There is now a status column for displaying away messsages. Type /away to set away or /back to set to normal.
  • Comments can be displayed next to your hosted game. You could use it to display the game rules.
  • If you have previously registered a name on then you can type a password and identify.

2006-10-02 – SA:MP status update and movie
Some of the changes include:

  • Changable weather.
  • Throwable weapons now work.
  • Admins can now teleport to places by right-clicking somewhere on the map.

A short movie has been released that shows working trucks with trailers, train, helicopter, RC plane, molotovs and more.
Go to the SA:MP blog to see full change list and download the movie

2006-10-02 – MTA:SA to support custom license plates and player stats
"As many eagle-eyed fans noticed from some recent pictures in the Picture Gallery, customisable synced license plates are now possible, and map creators can change player stats to suit the gameplay of the map."
Check the MTA:SA blog for more info.

2006-10-01 – updated – schu returns?
G! logo

2006-10-01 – Vice City Stories – No online mode
Joystiq has confirmed that VCS PSP will not have infrastructure (online play). It will just have ad-hoc (local network play) like LCS. You will be able to use helicopters in multiplayer but that means nothing if you can’t find anyone to play.
Source: "Oh, and for the record, multiplayer is still limited to ad hoc play."

2006-10-01 – GTA1 game finder v1.13 released
Steven Day has released an update to his game finder. It’s an open source multiplayer environment that supports GTA1, GTA:London, and Age of Empires 1 and 2. It’s now possible to join games without opening any ports (host still needs 1 port open).


2006-06-26 – LCS PS2 review
Jordon from has reviewed LCS PS2 .

2006-06-26 – SA:MP will allow object creation
The SA:MP scripting engine has been updated. The next version of SA:MP will have the ability to create and manipulate objects on the fly. Some screenshots and videos have been released that show an outside boxing ring and a loop de loop.

Source: SA-MP blog

2006-06-14 – Golden Joystick Awards 2006
You can vote for GTA: LCS in the following categories: Ultimate Game of the year, Soundtrack Award, Playstation Game of the year and Handheld Game of the year. You can vote Rockstar as Publisher of the year and GTA4 as The One to Watch for 2007. Thanks to for the news.

2006-06-11 – MTA:SA status update
Weapon sync has been improved and is apparently deadly accurate. A new ban system has been added and as you can see in the screenshot, trains are now supported.

MTA:SA blog


2006-05-27 – MTA:SA Deathmatch Admin System
Oli has posted screenshots and a description of the MTA:SA Deathmatch Admin System.

2006-05-27 – LCS PS2 will not have multiplayer
Issue 82 of PSW magazine has a review of LCS PS2 in which they mention that it has no multiplayer or any new features, just slightly better graphics than the PSP version. I didn’t expect it to have multiplayer because it wasn’t in development for very long and it will be selling for a budget price.

2006-05-22 – SA-MP v0.1b released
"SA:MP 0.1b has been released. This version fixes some crashes in the server so it is highly advised that you update as soon as possible. This update also includes many fixes to the server browser." – Mike

2006-05-19 – GTA Rumble 0.2b released
A new version of GTA Rumble has been released. It’s a multiplayer mod for San Andreas:
"I’ve tried my best to fix as many bugs as i can and rewrote an aweful lot to make it more stable and hugely decrease bandwidth usage. Added a few things all around, client, server and admin, but the main new things are sync’d car mod’s/modshops and the (limited) spectator." – Jax

2006-05-11 – Vice City Stories confirmed for PSP
Vice City Stories will be released on PSP in October 2006. Not really surprising. Vice City was the obvious choice and it will be much easier to make than a whole new city. I hope it means they’ll have time to add some online features but maybe they will save that for GTA4.
Official VCS site

2006-05-11 – MTA:SA Deathmatch movie #1
The MTA team have created another movie: MTA:SA Deathmatch movie #1

2006-05-10 – SA-MP v0.1 is out!
SA-MP v0.1 has been released!

2006-05-10 – Grand Theft Auto 4 announced
GTA4 has been announced for PS3 and XBOX 360 with a release date of October 2007 . Well at least the XBOX 360 will be cheaper by then and with some luck the PS3 console may actually be out 🙂

2006-05-09 – E3 – Sony Press Conference
The PS3 controller will be like the dual shock 2 controller but without the shock (no rumble). The controller will be slightly lighter than a dual shock and it will have some basic motion sensors. There will be two PS3 models released. A basic model with a 20GB HD for $499US and a luxury model with a 60GB HD, memory card slots, wi-fi and HDMI for $599US. has posted some more information about the conference.

2006-05-08 – 2D car game for PSP and Windows being made in LUA script
Vincent is creating a 2D top down car game in LUA script . It will be compatible with the PSP and Windows versions of Lua Player . Don’t expect a full clone of GTA2, it’s just going to be a simple top down game but it could still be fun.

2006-05-07 – SA:MP Beta #3 status update
SA:MP Beta #3 was released to the public for a short time but it has been deactivated now. It appears it had a few problems.
"Since Beta #2, we’ve overhauled a large part of the netcode, trying to reduce bandwidth usage and increase the overall accuracy of the sync. We also tried to extend GTA:SA’s internal limits, which I think didn’t work out how we’d planned." – kyeman
SA:MP blog

2006-05-05 – CheatDevice 1.0d for GTA:LCS PSP
CheatDevice 1.0d has been released. Cars are now able to drive on walls.


2006-03-31 – CheatDevice 1.0 for GTA:LCS PSP
Edison Carter has updated his impressive LCS enhancement utility with the following new optional features:

  • Hover cars
  • Gather spell
  • Full size video recorder
  • Load outside staunton safehouse
  • Drivable RC toys
  • Your car is indestructible also prevents visible damage
  • Gangs no longer attack you

2006-03-27 – Vice City Multiplayer 0.1e open beta
VC-MP 0.1e beta has been released. It’s a deathmatch mod for Vice City.
More info here: VC-MP 0.1e

2006-03-22 – SA:MP new screenshots and video – screenshots and video – San Andreas multiplayer site

2006-03-19 – MTA:SA Race 1.1.1 client and server released

2006-03-16 – MTA:SA Race 1.1 client released
A new version of MTA:SA Race is out . It’s a multiplayer race mod for San Andreas. Most important new feature is the option to respawn at any time.

2006-03-15 – MTA:SA Race 1.1 server released
"We’ve just released the server for race 1.1. You will not be able to play Race 1.1 till we release the client, tomorrow. We release the server before the client to give server providers time to get ready for the release – otherwise when we release the client you won’t have any servers to play on!" – eAi

2006-03-08 – MTA:SA status update
"Race 1.1 is looking good, we’ve just got a few issues left to fix and we want to do some more work on the anti-cheat system (which I’m sure most of our players will be pleased about), but its almost done. We actually think that the anti-cheat has worked pretty well so far in Race 1.0, so it can only get better!

I’ve done some work today on deathmatch that I can’t really discuss right yet, but deathmatch is looking pretty good. Once we’ve got race 1.1 out the door we’ll be able to concentrate on deathmatch much more and hopefully have some media to show you soon." – eAi

2006-03-05 – SA:MP status update
"So, what has been happening the past month? We have been fixing crashes and bugs (about 40 in all).

I tried my best to port as many of the Single Player features to SA-MP as possible. They include Pay ‘n Sprays, Ammunations, gambling, vending machines, buying food, and car mod shops (Car mod shops will probably will make it into the final cake). Some of the aspects are not fully synced, such as the animation of the clerks handing you food, but that’s going to be worked on." – Cam


2006-02-28 – GTA: Rumble status update
"I’m on my 6th core now, after getting bored of the last one i aimed to make one with the capability of supporting peds + traffic, to add some originality to Rumble… afterall, its not as fun working on something that wouldn’t be used much when its finished." – Jax

2006-02-25 – PSP LCS CheatDevice v0.9
Edison Carter has released CheatDevice v0.9 for LCS on PSP. This version has a construction mode and PSP firmware 2.6 users can finally use 333Mhz mode.

2006-02-23 – GTA2 Insane Stunt Course multiplayer
I added 2-6 multiplayer support to Holy_Jack’s and OXMOX’s old GTA2 Insane Stunt Course map. Download: 19KB

2006-02-22 – MTA: Race 1.1 Beta 1
MTA blog update :
"MTA: Race 1.1 Beta 1 got released to our QA team yesterday. It had a few weird bugs with the "respawning on last checkpoint" feature, but those were fixed today. The voting nomination also has a bug I need to fix. Other than that it seems to work well, meaning you can expect a new release of Race pretty soon."

A video showing some SA:MP game modes has been released. Download the video from the SA:MP media page.


Some new screenshots of MTASA have been released. It’s looking great.

A short movie showing the LCS PSP multiplayer modes and some descriptions were released on the official LCS site. I created a LCS page with just multiplayer info.

T-Low updated his GTA2 map: Industrial Island v1.21. He fixed a hole in the map.

Download my GTA2 script: 5KB
4, 5 and 6 player didn’t work in v0.3 because players were spawning on the same location. I added some more parked cars. The onscreen counters are redrawn after every frag now since if there is a time limit, the clock will clear the counter from the screen.

I made an experimental team deathmatch type script for GTA2:
Select Team Tiny Town on the multiplayer screen to play this script. Player 1, 3, 5 are on Red team. Player 2, 4, 6 are on Blue team. If you want the game to end when a team gets 10 frags then make it a points game 99999999. If a player on your team dies by any means (cops, team kill, suicide or killed by other team) then the other team gets a frag/point.

T-Low released v1.2 of Industrial Island . He used GMP optimizer this time, so the file size is smaller than his previous release. A few more powerups were added, map cleaned up a bit and a hole was removed.

New GTA2 multiplayer map – Industrial Island . Supports 1-5 players. Looks good but weapons seem a bit hard to get and I couldn’t find any rocket launcher in the short time I played it.
For anyone making GTA2 maps, I recommend shrinking your map from 6MB to less than 1MB by using GMP Optimizer .

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.458 beta 251KB

Bugs fixes:

  • If there was more than 64KB of chat then the end of URLs was not being detected correctly and caused an error if you clicked on a URL. Fixed.
  • If you changed your country using the location box, the change would not take effect until you restarted GH. Now it takes effect as soon as you sign in.
  • GH no longer tries to copy a file from the exe pack over your current gta2.exe every time you start it. Now it only happens when you select a version. This stops the message "Close GTA2 before trying to change version. Error copying file: Permission denied" from being displayed, if GTA2 was running before you start GH.

Cosmetic changes:

  • Added the word "when" to one of the captions on the settings screen
  • Changed "GTA2 ver." to "GTA2 version" and lined up version combo box with the other buttons
  • Changed "GTA2Guy’s 47624 is closed" to "GTA2Guy’s port 47624 is closed"
  • Chat history text is now closer to chat box

GTA2 Game Hunter screenshot

Some new videos of MTA: San Andreas have been released in the last few days. Read more on the MTA:SA blog .

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.457 beta 249KB

  • Probing message removed and now GH only displays a message if a port is closed
  • Really fixed a bug that didn’t remove your game from the list

GTA2 Game Hunter 1.45 screenshot

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.456

  • GH checks port 47624 and 2300 on hosted games and reports if they’re open or closed
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t remove your game from other people’s lists until you closed GTA2
  • Window state/size settings are saved/loaded correctly again (loaded from wrong registry section in 1.45)
  • "Sign In" button is now the default button
  • Changed quit message to "signed out"
  • The server message "ERROR: closing link" is not actually an error, so it will now be displayed as "Closing link"
  • You can clear all chat window text by typing /clear

GTA: LCS for PSP will have 6 player Ad-hoc (wireless LAN) multiplayer! IGN and the official site have more info.
GTATOURNAMENT v0.1c has been released (multiplayer mod for San Andreas).