GTA2 trainer v1.16

GTA2 Trainer by masuo & h0x91b v1.16 (2024.05.16)


  • Added the Ped Spawner
  • added the ability to explode player’s last car
  • added the ability to explode all cars (ALT+E)
  • returned the hotkey for displaying big text (ALT+B)
  • added the ability to get all weapons (ALT+W)
  • Added IsPointSafe helper function
  • Added fnSetNPCWeapon
  • Added peds-related structs and arrays to MainWindowData.h
  • changed SpawningData.h name to MainWindowData.h
  • moved emblems list to MainWindowData.h
  • changed ObjectInfo struct’s name to CatMenuItem
  • heavily refactored menus (spawn, get weapons etc.)
    • weapons, carWeapons, vocals and native cheats are now stored in MainWindowData.h
    • some of the items are stored in the .rc file instead of being initialized in code
    • fixed typos
  • other minor refactors and code cleanups in MainWindow.cpp
    • changed SpawnCarHere method to OnSpawnCarClick
    • changed menu-related method’s names in MainWindow.cpp
    • cleaned up code in SyncTrailerColor and GangRespect methods
    • slightly refactored “Get weapon” related methods
  • the player now always gets 99 ammo of the selected weapon instead of +10
  • updated gta2.h
  • FindTheNearestPed now also detects peds in cars
  • fixed typos and minor bugs
  • cleaned up ACS code
    • now uses DDX_Text and DDX_Check instead of DDX_Control
    • message box is shown if user enters invalid target position

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