Grand Theft Walrus

The Simpsons S24E06 has a quick GTA reference near the end of the episode.

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GTA V Trailer 2

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New GTA V screenshot


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Retro City Rampage v1.06 update

  • Sweat Bomber platforming stage now skippable after three deaths
    - Also made soul boosters more visible with louder arrows
  • Police Siren Adjusted
  • Misc Bug Fixes



GTA V Trailer #2 coming Nov 15

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2 Coming Next Week, Thurs Nov 15

The highly anticipated 2nd trailer for Grand Theft Auto V debuts worldwide next week Thursday, November 15th. Watch it here at the Rockstar Newswire and at


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Retro City Rampage v1.05 update

Retro City Rampage (PC) v1.05 out out! (Steam+DRM-Free)
Now with stomping/dodging tutorials and improved missions.
Also fixes a sound issue a small number of sound cards experienced.

Coming soon to PS3/Vita. Steam updates automatically. If you're playing the DRM-Free version, go back to your download page to grab the latest version.


Payback 2 free version out now for iOS page linking to all Payback 2 versions Payback 2 changelog

Added alternative touch controls for vehicles
Fixed multiplayer connectivity issues
Made touch controls work when driving a remote controlled car
Fixed some typos in the Spanish translation
Fixed issue where touch input sometimes didn't work

Initial release