Armageddon Expo 2012 Melbourne

Comic Guests – Bob Layton and Ian Churchill

Animation Guests – Kristi Reed (Anime director), Mela Lee (Vampire Knight) Johnny Yong Bosch (Bleach), Charles Mario (Mario Games), Lex Lang (Multiple anime star), Sandy Fox (Multiple anime star), Susan Eisenberg (JLU), Marianne Miller and Martin Billany (Yugioh Abridged), Yaya Han (Cosplay guest)

Wrestling guest – Bushwhacker Luke

TV/Movie stars – Aldis Hodge (Leverage), Aron Eisenberg (Star Trek DS9), Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5), Christopher Heyerdahl (Hell on Wheels), Christopher Judge (Stargate sg1), Cindy Morgan (TRON), Finn Jones and Miltos Yerolemou (Game of Thrones), George Lazenby (James Bond), Jim Beaver (Supernatural), Karl Urban (Judge Dredd), Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean), Rachel Grant (Die Another Day), Sebastian Roche (Vampire Diaries), Terry Molloy (Classic Doctor Who)

When: October 12-14th 2012

Where: Melbourne Exhibition Centre


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