Payback² coming to iPhone/iPod/iPad

It’s been in development for the last three years so it’s really exciting that it’s now so close to release. (The game has already been submitted to Apple – once they approve it I’ll announce a release date.)

The game is quite different from the first game (it is more match-based, and features huge numbers of AI opponents to battle or race against, and much more varied game modes). It also has an extensive multiplayer mode, a totally rewritten graphics engine, a slick new intro, a totally new FE and HUD – there’s too many improvements to list here.

Payback² is the long-awaited sequel to Payback, which was called the “best Grand Theft Auto clone you’ve never heard of” by GamesTM.

Featuring nine game modes, loads of weapons, dozens of vehicles, and events with everything from massive gang battles to rocket car races to epic tank duels, the variety offered by the game is endless.

As well as the fifty career events, you can build your own custom events and play them against AI, your friends or the rest of the world through the game’s extensive online multiplayer support.

The game is scheduled for a September release on all iOS devices.