Saints Row: The Third patch

We recently updated all versions of SR:TT to prepare for the upcoming Trouble With Clones Mission-based DLC Pack, and to fix a few outstanding issues. Please see the notes below.


– Added co-op compatibility files for upcoming DLC Pack “Trouble With Clones”.
– Added replay ability for DLC Missions accessible via the cell phone.


– Fixed an issue with the Matt Miller avatar fight in mission “deckers.die”.
– Fixed an issue where Level 4 upgraded SMG’s wouldn’t break the plane’s windshield in mission “Freefalling”.
– Fixed some instances where the Vehicle Delivery Homie ability would be lost.

360 Specific Changes:

– Added a fix for non-hard drive equipped Xbox 360’s where players were having trouble accessing Season Pass content.

PC Specific Changes:

– Added an option to disable automatic input device detection.
– Fixed a crash in the ragdoll system where the game could crash after the player ragdolled.
– Fixed tutorial text for advanced airplane controls when using Keyboard/Mouse.
– Fixed a bug where DLC vehicles were not showing up in the garage if DLC Packs were mismatched.
– Revised an error message displayed when incompatible versions attempted to play co-op.