Epic GTA2 Map Editor (0.6.5) Beta

T.M. has released “Epic GTA2 Map Editor (0.6.5) Beta”. You can’t create maps with this but it’s great for editing zones, moving/rotating objects, decompiling scripts and taking screenshots.

Just a few of the features:

  • Open .mmp files in the editor by doubleclicking them.
  • View the map in the editor with no limits on zoom, take nice screenshots from your maps in any angle you wish. Also night mode with GTA2 lighting supported!
  • Edit the map zones with much cleaner way than ever before.
  • Display script objects in the map: cars, objects, chars, trains, etc. (requires .mis file for that map).
  • Edit script objects positions by mouse! (and rotations with keys).
  • Automatically detect if script file was modified, and easily reload it if you made changes in some other program.
  • Create any size map images automatically, with cars and other objects in them, also you can scale objects sizes as you wish!
  • Save 2048×2048 size minimap by just one click.
  • Test the map quickly from the editor by launching it in GTA2.
  • Convert SCR files into MIS files.

Get it from the forum

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