GTA IV Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 10-1


GTA2 Game Hunter v1.520

GTA2 Game Hunter

- Clicking on your own nick in the player list no longer clears the chatbox
- Create Game only builds the map list on first load and when refresh is ticked
- Minor improvements to GTA2 folder detection
- You don't lose unsaved settings when trying to start another settings window while one is already open
- Settings window is given focus after browsing for a file
- Clicking cancel after browsing for a sound doesn't clear an existing sound
- Readded sanity checking for error during tabIRC "Invalid procedure call or argument"
- Fixed timestamp saving on first run with no previous settings
- Missing STY, GMP and SCR filename are displayed when an MMP file is removed

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GTA2 Game Hunter v1.519

GTA2 Game Hunter

- MMP files with missing GMP, STY or SCR are deleted
- MMP files that are made obsolete by a new MMP with no PlayerCount restriction are deleted
- Increased text label width on settings screen to help fit non standard DPI fonts (Wine!)
- Selecting a chat tab gives focus to the chatbox
- Closing create game using the close button saves position and selected map settings
- Fixed a bug that only loaded the create game settings once per session unless you clicked refresh

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Retro City Rampage for XBLA and WiiWare

Retro City Rampage XBLA summer 2011 and WiiWare fall 2011.


The Brothers Mario

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GTA2 Game Hunter v1.518

GTA2 Game Hunter

  • "If your ports are closed" message is only displayed if gateway IP starts with 192.168 or 10.
  • If your first alert word is detected then the GH systray icon is changed
  • Added Always in tray, Start in tray and Close to tray settings
  • Added run at startup option to settings
  • Added highlight alert words option to settings and view menu
  • Added timestamp messages checkbox to settings
  • Added alt+letter keyboard shortcuts to most settings
  • Fixed "Unable to unload within this context" error
  • You can switch between "Find This Game" and the map list by pushing tab and shift+tab
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