GTA2 Game Hunter v1.517

GTA2 Game Hunter

2010-11-16 v1.517

  • Fixed a bug that displayed every map twice in the Create Game map list unless you clicked refresh
  • Changed tabbing order on Create Game form

2010-11-16 v1.516

  • "Find This Map" now correctly shows all the matching maps
  • Added a drop-down list for filtering maps based on player count (defaults to only showing 2 player maps)
  • Country is only redetected on startup if your IP has changed from last run
  • Changed country detection site back to
  • Fixed some display issues with the Create Game form
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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy out now for Mac

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas have finally been ported to Mac. Of course the true GTA trilogy would be GTA1, GTA London and GTA2. I'd love to see Rockstar Games dust off and revive that classic code.