Episodes from Liberty City – Meet: Yusuf Amir


The Songs Behind the Action

Wondering about the tunes you hear in the first two Episodes from Liberty City videos? Here's a bit of backstory on the tracks used in the debut trailer, "You'll Always Be The King of This Town" and the character clip "Meet: Tony Prince".

Link: Rockstar News Wire


3news Chinatown Wars PSP preview

Over 100 minutes of new music and a small set of original missions complete the PSP additions, and although these were yet to be revealed in detail, one can only assume they are in a similar tradition to the original game. As for the mini-games, built with the DS stylus in mind, the PSP gamepad operates in a simple – if rather uninspired - manner.



Rockstar wallpapers: Shades

Rockstar has added some new wallpapers to their site.


Weazel News Special Report: Guns in Liberty City


Left 4 Dead 2 “Banned” in Australia

It seems the game was deemed unsuitable for 15 year old children and since there is no higher rating for games in Australia, it was refused classification. I believe the decision can still be appealed and if that fails then it will likely be censored to get it approved.

It's just another reason why Australia needs an 18+ rating for video games.

Left 4 Dead 2 refused classification in Australia

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“Guns in Liberty City” video tomorrow

Rockstar will be releasing a new video tomorrow. It looks like it will be a news report about terrorism and the guns in Liberty City.

A Weazel News Special Report: Guns in Liberty City


Press gets hands-on with Gay Tony

Gay Tank

The press previews have begun!

The online gaming press have had their first hands-on time with Gay Tony. preview links now live

TeamXBOXKotakuEuroGamerIGNDigital SpyGame - Yug gets some hands on with Gay Tony


San Andreas controlled with iPhone

Here's an entertaining video that demonstrates the ability to control PC games with your iPhone. The presenter changes outfits to suit each game and one of those games is San Andreas.

Thanks to GTA Hood for the news.

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PALGN GTA Chinatown Wars PSP preview

PALGN GTA Chinatown Wars PSP preview