3news Chinatown Wars PSP preview

Over 100 minutes of new music and a small set of original missions complete the PSP additions, and although these were yet to be revealed in detail, one can only assume they are in a similar tradition to the original game. As for the mini-games, built with the DS stylus in mind, the PSP gamepad operates in a simple – if rather uninspired – manner.

Link: 3news.co.nz

Left 4 Dead 2 “Banned” in Australia

It seems the game was deemed unsuitable for 15 year old children and since there is no higher rating for games in Australia, it was refused classification. I believe the decision can still be appealed and if that fails then it will likely be censored to get it approved.

It’s just another reason why Australia needs an 18+ rating for video games.

Left 4 Dead 2 refused classification in Australia

Press gets hands-on with Gay Tony

Gay Tank

The press previews have begun!

The online gaming press have had their first hands-on time with Gay Tony.

rockstargames.com preview links now live

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AustralianGamer.com – Yug gets some hands on with Gay Tony