Rockstar Leeds talks GTA DS with IGN

IGN’s Craig Harris has posted an interview with Rockstar Leeds President Gordon Hall, about the development of Chinatown Wars.

Even before we wrote one line of code we had laid in stone that the game MUST run at 30 frames per second. What we did do many, many times is go over the code, hand optimising every line we could. The amount of raw machine code in this game is just unheard of nowadays. We were busy throwing away page after page of traditional code in favour of the machine’s raw assembly language.

The Totally Rad Show – The Lost and Damned

On episode 101 of “The Totally Rad Show”, at about 30 minutes in, the three rad dudes give a short review of The Lost and Damned.

Will GTA IV’s new DLC make you feel Lost and Damned?

The ultimate violent, adult video game series, Grand Theft Auto, gets a new main character with the download-only add-on, The Lost and Damned. Is it a bold new direction or more of the same? – GTA IV TLAD review

The intro to this episode of TRS is great. It’s nothing to do with GTA but still a very amusing recreation of a scene from a classic 1990 sci-fi movie.