The Lost and Damned previews

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  1. It will take a minimum of ten hours to complete and will cost 1600MS.
  2. Some missions can be restarted at halfway points.
  3. There are NO additions to the Liberty City map.
  4. There will be more buildings with interiors, mostly linked to new missions.
  5. Johnny Klebitz is the vice president of The Lost, and the DLC’s story begins when Billy returns from rehab to lead the gang once again. In Billy’s absence, Johnny lead The Lost and called a truce with their rivals, The Angels of Death. When Billy returns, he is not fond of the idea of a truce.
  6. The Lost safehouse is located on the corner of Berners Road and Vitullo Avenue in Alderney. Mini-games like a hi-low card game, an arm wrestling game, and getting weapons delivered from friends like Lil Jacob will all be available in the safehouse.
  7. Johnny’s bike is available outside the safehouse, and if you trash it someone can bring over another one.
  8. One mission named "Buyer’s Market" shows how Johnny crosses paths with Niko Bellic and Playboy X via Elizabeta.
  9. New weapons include a 9MM automatic pistol, a sawn-off shotgun, an assault shotgun, a grenade launcher, and pipe bombs.New music for the "hardcore and metal" radio stations will be introduced.
  10. Riding with the gang makes The Lost gang logo appear and the ground, and allows Johnny to receive health boosts.

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