Fingerless gloves GTA IV PC mod

Using aru's SparkIV tool, various members of have managed to replace Niko's bare hands with the fingerless glove textures. For some reason, these gloves were omitted from the final version of the game despite featuring in most of the pre-release screenshots.

Visit for the details.

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  1. I have also modded GTA 4 already. It’s actually quit easy. I got myself a pistol that launches rockets.

    All the stuff you need to know to mod GTA 4 can be found on the web (like gtaforums).

  2. how dou get the fingerless gloves i really want it

  3. It tells you how in the links above.

  4. how do u make tha cars fly!!!
    i really need to know
    someone plz tell me!!!

  5. i fukin dont get it

  6. gloves is mod not realy

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