GTA IV Millonaires Club

We are pleased to present today's launch of the all-new Millionaires Club - recognizing and celebrating all of the wealthy seven-figure Grand Theft Auto IV players at the Rockstar Games Social Club. Millionaire status is determined by totaling all of the money you've ever earned in single-player-mode from completing missions, winning races, doing vigilante side-jobs, and fortuitously picking up 'dropped' money in the street.

Come and see if you are a bona fide Millionaire, as well as where your single-player time to reach a million compares against all the other nouveaux riche 'business men' of Liberty City. If you would like to see just how rich your fellow Millionaires are, you can mouse over each for a quick glimpse of their lifetime single-player money earned. With three leaderboards ranked by who's become a Millionaire first, who's done it quickest, and who is the richest in the City. Grand Theft Auto IV Social Club registrants, simply enter the Social Club and click on the GTAIV area to browse to the Millionaire's Club to see if you've earned access.

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Video Game Censorship

Ask an average Australian about censorship and chances are they'll tell you it's a bad thing.

Banned: the absurdity of Australia's game rating regime - article

This is an old video but unlike the Q and A video, this one is an informed discussion.

Should R18+ video games be allowed in Australia? - February 2008 - Sunrise (morning show)

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