GTA2 Game Hunter v1.491

  • You are no longer asked “Are you sure you want to join?”
  • mpaddon and GH no longer cut off anything important if your Windows fonts are on large or extra large
  • Removed the splitter bar and made the names, CC and status columns fixed width
  • Removed the ping column from the names list since it didn’t display a ping value for 99% of players and was just wasting screen space
  • Changed controls to flat view with a 1 pixel border
  • Switched the chatbox back to richtext so you can use ctrl+a
  • Disabled ctrl+o since it could disconnect you unintentionally
  • Player count is now shown in the header of the names column as a number in round brackets
  • Fixed a problem with loading settings (only happened if ServerNum was set higher than 7 by an old version of GH)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped saved column widths from being restored
  • mpaddon.exe (the enhanced GTA2 network window) now displays the hosts game comment
  • the topic now displays on one line (if it doesn’t fit, you have to scroll)
  • Download GTA2 Game Hunter v1.491

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