GTA2 Game Hunter v1.49

  • When you change the map name on the GTA2 host screen, the map name in GH will also change (there is a delay)
  • The chatbox is given focus after you click on a nick in the nick list
  • Alert sounds can be muted while GTA2 is open
  • Alert sound can now by played for a custom word (it defaults to your IRC nick)
  • The settings form is reloaded after browsing for the GTA2 folder. This should fix a bug that sometimes didn’t save the GTA2 folder location.
  • The country lists in settings now display flags
  • Readded the enhanced GTA2 network screen (mpaddon.exe) by Jernej
  • The nickserv password in settings is no longer hidden
  • Changed the chatbox from richtext to standard (this fixes some font displaying issues but it might create new ones if you use non english language)
  • The IRC server list is now read from servers.ini and if it doesn’t exist then hardcoded servers are used. Port is still hardcoded to 8067 for now.
  • When you use the /quit command, the IRC server that you will connect to next is no longer changed
  • Change “message to” and “message from” to “to” and “from”
  • Removed some status messages (game was removed from list, GTA2 is listening for joiners)
  • Fixed a bug that resized the column splitter if you clicked the right mouse button on the chat history and then clicked the scrollwheel button

    Updated flags and country names:
    “Zaire – ZR” is now “Congo, Democratic Republic – CD”
    “East Timor – TP” is now “Timor-Leste – TL”

    “USSR (former) – SU”
    “Yugoslavia – YU”

    Currently missing flags for:
    “Ecuador – EC”
    “Timor-Leste – TL”

    Download GTA2 Game Hunter v1.49

    Today is my birthday!

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