MTA: San Andreas Race v1.1.2 released

Following the recent imminent shutdown of the All-Seeing Eye server browser, and the ongoing popularity of the Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Race, we have decided to release an update to allow its players to continue playing, although we strongly recommend anyone to upgrade to the more recent Deathmatch releases due to their significantly extended functionality and active development.

The new release with version number v1.1.2 can be downloaded via the Race download page and contains the following notable changes:

* All-Seeing Eye server-browser has been removed in favour of a more reliable and faster replacement
* Removed redundant “MTA Center” references
* Removed support for built-in error reporter

We encourage people to provide us with any feedback or problems with the update (e.g. through our IRC channel).

The upcoming Developer Preview 3 release of Deathmatch will also include the server browser replacement among some other features and fixes and will be released shortly after.

Update: If you’re having errors about missing d3dx9_33.dll, download it from here and extract it to your GTA directory. Alternatively, download the latest DirectX updates by using this installer.

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