GTA IV leaderboards now live

The Rockstar Games Social Club now displays the GTA IV multiplayer leaderboards that were previously only visible in game.

All the online multiplayer statistics found in the game Stats screen are now accessible via the Social Club. You will also be able to see how your multiplayer cred measures up against everyone else by bringing up side-by-side comparisons.

To view the standings, click the GTA IV in your profile box and then select the multiplayer badge. A table of users will appear with ranks and other information. The data has plenty of filtering and sorting options to keep you busy for a while

Golden Joystick Awards 2008 – Long List Voting

Vote for GTA IV at the Golden Joystick Awards.

Nuts All Nighter: Grand Theft Auto IV
One to Watch Award: GTA IV expansion pack
PlayStation Game of the Year: Grand Theft Auto IV
Publisher of The Year: Rockstar Games
BBC 1Xtra Soundtrack of the Year: Grand Theft Auto IV
UK Developer of the Year: Rockstar North
The Ultimate Game of The Year: Grand Theft Auto IV
Xbox Game of The Year: Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA2 stuck at 640×480? Try this

On some systems (not mine), GTA2 refuses to run at 1024×768 or any resolution higher than 640×480, even if you select a higher resolution in GTA2 Manager. siwuzzz at gmail has created a patch to work around this problem. The patch is for the free (9.6F) GTA2 exe file. You don’t actually see more in higher resolutions since GTA2 just stretches the image. The only reasons I can think of for not using 640×480 is if you were running in a window (needs desktop set to 16bit colour) or using a strange monitor that doesn’t support 640×480.

On my systems, this had a strange side effect of making the menus only use the top left 640×480 of a fullscreen 1024×768 window. I don’t recommend using it if GTA2 already displays fine for you.

Changes a byte at location 0xCB2C9 from 74 to EB.

Download: gta2resolutionpatch.7z

MTA:SA Deathmatch DP2.1 released

A small update for Multi Theft Auto: Deathmatch DP2 has been released that incorporates a new server browser provided by and some minor tweaks to the account system and the installer. This upgrade has no other changes from DP2 except for these fixes. We strongly recommend all Deathmatch players download this update to restore the server browser to working order.

GTA IV’s Roman is Looking for Work

You may have heard how some of the voice actors from GTA IV don’t feel they were compensated well enough for their work, most prominently Michael Hollick, the voice of Niko. Well, the voice of Roman, Jason Zumwalt, feels the same way; but he’s not sitting around doing nothing about it. No, he’s using his new celebrity to rent himself out to fans for some extra cash. And, well, also to pay off some of his debts it seems. “Oh! That is painful in real life!”

Audio interview with Michael Hollick (Niko Bellic)

Michael Hollick, the voice actor who portrayed Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV, blames his union for not protecting the talent.

According to a New York Times article, Hollick was paid roughly $100,000 USD over 15 months for his voice acting and motion-capture work on GTA IV. He takes issue with the fact that he will not receive royalties or residuals as he would for work on television programs, films, radio shows or albums.

MTA: San Andreas Race v1.1.2 released

Following the recent imminent shutdown of the All-Seeing Eye server browser, and the ongoing popularity of the Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Race, we have decided to release an update to allow its players to continue playing, although we strongly recommend anyone to upgrade to the more recent Deathmatch releases due to their significantly extended functionality and active development.

The new release with version number v1.1.2 can be downloaded via the Race download page and contains the following notable changes:

* All-Seeing Eye server-browser has been removed in favour of a more reliable and faster replacement
* Removed redundant “MTA Center” references
* Removed support for built-in error reporter

We encourage people to provide us with any feedback or problems with the update (e.g. through our IRC channel).

The upcoming Developer Preview 3 release of Deathmatch will also include the server browser replacement among some other features and fixes and will be released shortly after.

Update: If you’re having errors about missing d3dx9_33.dll, download it from here and extract it to your GTA directory. Alternatively, download the latest DirectX updates by using this installer.