2006-09-27 – 3D-ONE project
Delfi and others are slowly working on converting the GTA1 cities to San Andreas. If you have the skills, give them a hand.
3D-ONE project

2006-09-25 – SA:MP status update
"We are upgrading the pawn/rcon functionality as well as fixing bugs and making some optimizations."
SA:MP blog

2006-09-19 – MTA:SA deathmatch status update – Improved scoreboard and team support
MTA:SA deathmatch scoreboard image
MTA:SA blog

2006-09-12 – MTA:SA deathmatch status update – Keybinds system updated
MTA:SA blog

2006-09-06 – MTA:SA deathmatch status update – all weapons synced
"All weapons are synced. You may have seen from past videos that snipers have been synced. This extends to rocket launchers and satchel charges."
MTA:SA blog

2006-09-06 – Official VCS website launched
R* has launched their official Vice City Stories (PSP) website. It contains new information, screenshots, a trailer and more.
VCS official site