2006-12-25 – Happy Holidays!

The MTA team have released a Christmas themed San Andreas movie (35MB WMV). It shows some MTA:SA multiplayer gameplay and some powerful script features, like moving objects with the mouse. Their San Andreas deathmatch mod is still being developed, no release yet.

Here’s a gift from the DON_FAMILY, a guide to mastering GTA2 multiplayer. It gives advice on gameplay and contains tips, tactics and some information on undocumented features/glitches. If you have been playing GTA2 multiplayer for many years then you may already know most of it but it’s worth a read anyway. You should have played multiplayer at least a few times and be familiar with GTA2 or it will be hard to understand. – 100KB contains a PDF file.

2006-12-23 – GTA2 Game Hunter server
edit: It’s working again but just for the future, if there is a problem, try a different server.

The default GH server ( is broken. If it was down, GH would automatically try another server but unfortunately, it’s still accepting connections, it just doesn’t respond to commands.

You will have to go to Tools > Settings > IRC Server and choose another server in the list. They are all linked, so you will get the same chat and people.

2006-12-13 – Realtime World’s receives $31 million from New Enterprise Associates
Realtime World’s was created by David Jones’s (one of the creators of GTA and Lemmings). The company has received $31 million in venture capital from NEA. They plan to use this investment on Crackdown and All Points Bulletin (expected in 2007) and to create new gaming experiences for Xbox 360 and online PC games.

2006-12-03 – SA-MP v0.2 Progress
Some progress information and a preview video for SA-MP v0.2 (multiplayer mod for the PC version of San Andreas) has been posted on the SA-MP blog.

Some of the improvements and new features:

  • Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher now synched.
  • Improved aiming accuracy of M4/AK47/Country Rifle etc.
  • "Friendly fire" option – to prevent team-kills.

2006-12-02 – GTA2 Game Hunter v1.476

  • Finally fixed the XP SP1 crash bug
  • You can now see the hostname of users who quit IRC

Download from the GTA2 page . It should be compatible with 1.475 and 1.462.
Please contact me, if you find any bugs.

2006-12-02 – DON_FAMILY GTA2 movie
GTA2 in-game movie with members of the DON_FAMILY (
Music: Fonzerelli – moonlight party
Programs used: Fraps, windows movie maker 2 + Creativity Fun Pack and of course Grand Theft Auto 2