2006-03-31 – CheatDevice 1.0 for GTA:LCS PSP
Edison Carter has updated his impressive LCS enhancement utility with the following new optional features:

  • Hover cars
  • Gather spell
  • Full size video recorder
  • Load outside staunton safehouse
  • Drivable RC toys
  • Your car is indestructible also prevents visible damage
  • Gangs no longer attack you

2006-03-27 – Vice City Multiplayer 0.1e open beta
VC-MP 0.1e beta has been released. It’s a deathmatch mod for Vice City.
More info here: VC-MP 0.1e

2006-03-22 – SA:MP new screenshots and video – screenshots and video – San Andreas multiplayer site

2006-03-19 – MTA:SA Race 1.1.1 client and server released

2006-03-16 – MTA:SA Race 1.1 client released
A new version of MTA:SA Race is out . It’s a multiplayer race mod for San Andreas. Most important new feature is the option to respawn at any time.

2006-03-15 – MTA:SA Race 1.1 server released
"We’ve just released the server for race 1.1. You will not be able to play Race 1.1 till we release the client, tomorrow. We release the server before the client to give server providers time to get ready for the release – otherwise when we release the client you won’t have any servers to play on!" – eAi

2006-03-08 – MTA:SA status update
"Race 1.1 is looking good, we’ve just got a few issues left to fix and we want to do some more work on the anti-cheat system (which I’m sure most of our players will be pleased about), but its almost done. We actually think that the anti-cheat has worked pretty well so far in Race 1.0, so it can only get better!

I’ve done some work today on deathmatch that I can’t really discuss right yet, but deathmatch is looking pretty good. Once we’ve got race 1.1 out the door we’ll be able to concentrate on deathmatch much more and hopefully have some media to show you soon." – eAi

2006-03-05 – SA:MP status update
"So, what has been happening the past month? We have been fixing crashes and bugs (about 40 in all).

I tried my best to port as many of the Single Player features to SA-MP as possible. They include Pay ‘n Sprays, Ammunations, gambling, vending machines, buying food, and car mod shops (Car mod shops will probably will make it into the final cake). Some of the aspects are not fully synced, such as the animation of the clerks handing you food, but that’s going to be worked on." – Cam