Some new screenshots of MTASA have been released. It’s looking great.

A short movie showing the LCS PSP multiplayer modes and some descriptions were released on the official LCS site. I created a LCS page with just multiplayer info.

T-Low updated his GTA2 map: Industrial Island v1.21. He fixed a hole in the map.

Download my GTA2 script: teamtinytown0.5.zip 5KB
4, 5 and 6 player didn’t work in v0.3 because players were spawning on the same location. I added some more parked cars. The onscreen counters are redrawn after every frag now since if there is a time limit, the clock will clear the counter from the screen.

I made an experimental team deathmatch type script for GTA2: teamtinytown0.3.zip
Select Team Tiny Town on the multiplayer screen to play this script. Player 1, 3, 5 are on Red team. Player 2, 4, 6 are on Blue team. If you want the game to end when a team gets 10 frags then make it a points game 99999999. If a player on your team dies by any means (cops, team kill, suicide or killed by other team) then the other team gets a frag/point.

T-Low released v1.2 of Industrial Island . He used GMP optimizer this time, so the file size is smaller than his previous release. A few more powerups were added, map cleaned up a bit and a hole was removed.

New GTA2 multiplayer map – Industrial Island . Supports 1-5 players. Looks good but weapons seem a bit hard to get and I couldn’t find any rocket launcher in the short time I played it.
For anyone making GTA2 maps, I recommend shrinking your map from 6MB to less than 1MB by using GMP Optimizer .

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.458 beta 251KB

Bugs fixes:

  • If there was more than 64KB of chat then the end of URLs was not being detected correctly and caused an error if you clicked on a URL. Fixed.
  • If you changed your country using the location box, the change would not take effect until you restarted GH. Now it takes effect as soon as you sign in.
  • GH no longer tries to copy a file from the exe pack over your current gta2.exe every time you start it. Now it only happens when you select a version. This stops the message "Close GTA2 before trying to change version. Error copying file: Permission denied" from being displayed, if GTA2 was running before you start GH.

Cosmetic changes:

  • Added the word "when" to one of the captions on the settings screen
  • Changed "GTA2 ver." to "GTA2 version" and lined up version combo box with the other buttons
  • Changed "GTA2Guy’s 47624 is closed" to "GTA2Guy’s port 47624 is closed"
  • Chat history text is now closer to chat box

GTA2 Game Hunter screenshot

Some new videos of MTA: San Andreas have been released in the last few days. Read more on the MTA:SA blog .

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.457 beta 249KB

  • Probing message removed and now GH only displays a message if a port is closed
  • Really fixed a bug that didn’t remove your game from the list

GTA2 Game Hunter 1.45 screenshot

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.456

  • GH checks port 47624 and 2300 on hosted games and reports if they’re open or closed
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t remove your game from other people’s lists until you closed GTA2
  • Window state/size settings are saved/loaded correctly again (loaded from wrong registry section in 1.45)
  • "Sign In" button is now the default button
  • Changed quit message to "signed out"
  • The server message "ERROR: closing link" is not actually an error, so it will now be displayed as "Closing link"
  • You can clear all chat window text by typing /clear

GTA: LCS for PSP will have 6 player Ad-hoc (wireless LAN) multiplayer! IGN and the official site have more info.
GTATOURNAMENT v0.1c has been released (multiplayer mod for San Andreas).