GTA2 Icon Collection

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GTA2 Icon Collection

Post by Cuban-Pete »

New GTA2 Icon Collection, with lots of heads! Yeahaa! [gang]
I also figured out a decent way to edit exported GTA2 images.
Now I can easily remove the background and give a smooth edge.
Perhaps I will do many more icons/images.

Here is the download link:
(671.17 KiB) Downloaded 843 times
Below is the log about new images/changes in the collection. <3

GTA2 Icon Collection


Creator: Cuban-Pete
Year: 2011
Location: Netherlands
Contact: Find me on
Copyright: Free as in beer
Version: 4.1

Images are created by DMA Design (Rockstar Games) they are the real

Use of images is free as in beer, but a link/comment with my name or would be nice!

What is the difference with extracting own game icons/images?

- Custom images, for example 16x16 (favicon size) power-up icons.
- These image are, if possible, put into animation.
- Most edges are smoothed (AA). All done by hand. The improvement is
done such a way that the original look remains! If not, the different
version is saved separately.
- Images are sorted in (clear) folders.


- elvis.png is not an original gang (icon). The image is taken from
the website: (june 2011)
- loonies2.png is not an original gang (icon).
- highres png gang icons are not original. They are created by me.
- prison.png and prison2.png is not an original gang (icon).


Version 4.1:
- added all big heads with transparent background and smooth edges
- smoothed edges electro fingers and bribe (30x30 png)
- added some power-up icons (special 16x16 up to faked 64x64)
- added gta2 maps icon (16x16)
- added country flag style clan icons
- added gta2 style tool icon (16x16)
- added GTA2 logo in vector format (in exe folder)

Version 4:
- added "signs folder". lots of in-game icons!
- added extra gang icons (like electronic road sign with logo)
- added prison gang icons.
- added loonies2.png image (a non blinking loonies smile)
- complete fix on edges of 16x16 animation power-up icons
- added highres gang icons (home-made)

Version 3:
- added exe icons (gta2, manager and mispad)
- added extra yakuza gang logo (from car-roof)
- added some animated heads (more maybe later)
- added active power-up icons.
- naming corrections in gangs.
- naming correction, hearth -> health
- smoothed (AA) edges of original gang icons (by hand)

Version 2:
- added gang icons at 16x16, color and sharpness improved!
- added gang icons normal with no black border
- added remote icon to power-ups
- fixed holes in 30x30 animations (power-ups)
- removed black background from 30x30 power-ups png version
- added super smooth edge to 30x30 power-ups png version
- updated 16x16 png power-ups with better edge (smoother)
- removed 16x16 gif. they are ugly.

Version 1:
- Contained only power-ups
gta2_online.gif (90.75 KiB) Viewed 6813 times
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Re: GTA2 Icon Collection

Post by Galactic Boy »

n! is Generic face
z! is Trey Welsh, Red Valdez or Uno Carb (Zaibatsu Corporation)
y! is Johnny Zoo (Yakuza)
l! is Elmo (Loonies)
r! is Billy Bob Bean (Rednecks)
s! is Doctor LaBrat (SRS Scientists)
m! is Jerkov (Russian Mafia)
k! is Sunbeam (Hare Krishna)
p! is the Police

and I know e! is the Elvis Mafia. Am I right?

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