Post GTA1/GTA2 maps here (finished and work in progress).
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Short Description:
Map resembles Hidden Surprise and is divided into 2 parts. It is very detailed and has lots of features, some of which are hidden or challenging to get but not game breaking. There is also support for dusk mode. Map and the script were made in 4 days; it took about 2 weeks to polish the map.

Equilibrium is the worldwide center of the liquor production. Historically, the vast usage of alcohol was causing problem and lured variety of gangs to the town. But it all changed when government hired a group of scientists to come up with a solution to the alcohol abuse. Today not much is left from the Yakuza, Loonie and the Zaibatsu gangs. The government is keeping people in check "by altering their brainwaves" to prevent loafing and major criminal acts; all for the good of society. This Equilibrium is the peak of the technology and "it shall not be disturbed".

Developer notes:
I designed this many years ago on a piece of paper during a class. I decided to make the map on March 24, 2010. I started doing the map using the copy-paste technique with the Hidden Surprise as template. It took me a day to master the use the editor. 3 days after I started the map was ready to play. It also took me couple hours to write 70% of the code. I tested the map for a couple more days but dropped the project for many months due to lack of time and interest. Last update to the map was made on Fifth of November 2011. I rewrote this readme on April 4, 2014. Minor redame update on May 15, 2015.

Full description:
Map was designed to resemble Hidden Surprise in terms of the look and in gameplay. HS is still very popular so I wanted make a similar map to rival it. Not counting the weak weapons, all of the easy-to-get weapons are the same as in HS except for 1 extra flamethrower, 1 extra Molotov, 1 extra Silence Machinegun, and 1 extra grenades. Weapons are rather evenly divided between the left and the right part of the map with armor and electro gun being exclusive to left and health and flamethrower exclusive to the right side. There was no Invisibility and Invulnerability in the original plans. However, to make this map more interesting and more challenging I decided to add those features as well as some other stuff. Getting them is rather difficult and takes lots of time and skill which should be more than enough to balance it. If you don't like the Tanks you can destroy them and drink a bear before your opponent would have a chance of getting them. If an opponent is missing for 10 or more minutes then it could means he is trying to get the "Holy Grail" Immortality so don't bother with him. Mines are not that difficult to get but getting them is a little annoying. The remaining features are also hard to get and they are not game breaking with one exception which does indeed “break the equilibrium” but it is questionable whenever it's advantageous to anyone. I also added few helpful "hints" in the map as well as in this file.

Map has lots of lights (maybe even too many) and 1-6 player support. Maximum wanted level is set to 3 for games involving 3 or less players. For 4 or more players Wanted level is set to 2. There are 8 different respawn points each with nearby weapon or powerup. Some cars also respawn. Not all features are visible. There are lots of traps, some shorcuts and few hints. This is my first and last map.

Hope you enjoy it but not without incident.

Special Thanks to:
people responsible for all the modding programs,
people who wrote codes for Block Fort and DDV, seeing the code hepled a lot
gta2 2010-10-09 16-26-21-43.jpg
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gta2 2010-10-09 16-27-24-45.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-27-24-45.jpg (77.74 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
gta2 2010-10-09 16-30-57-58.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-30-57-58.jpg (66.99 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
gta2 2010-10-09 16-35-01-80.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-35-01-80.jpg (72.95 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
gta2 2010-10-09 16-36-42-62.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-36-42-62.jpg (76.34 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
gta2 2010-10-09 16-36-44-24.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-36-44-24.jpg (62.68 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
gta2 2010-10-09 16-36-53-81.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-36-53-81.jpg (54.54 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
gta2 2010-10-09 16-37-21-85.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-37-21-85.jpg (54.49 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
gta2 2010-10-09 16-39-23-15.jpg
gta2 2010-10-09 16-39-23-15.jpg (56.6 KiB) Viewed 7850 times
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Re: Equilibrium

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This sounds and looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

We need a GTA2 Map rating system. :)
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Re: Equilibrium

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nice to see a new map after a very long time :D
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