Jailbreak Chapter 1

Post GTA1/GTA2 maps here (finished and work in progress).
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Jailbreak Chapter 1

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Download Jailbreak Chapter 1 and escape from those pesky prison guards! This is a unique level which supports 1-6 players. Once you complete the mission, you can explore the rest of the level (which is a work in progress).

Use the Jailbreak development thread to give ideas and bug reports. General feedback is welcome here.

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Gameplay for Chapter 1
  1. You start in your cell block.
  2. Punch any cell block guard 3 times and they tell you where the key is.
  3. Get the key and you can exit your cell block.
  4. Punch any patrol guard 3 times and they'll give you the access code to the Police Armoury.
  5. Enter the Armoury to get weapons and the first part of the bomb. (Kill all SWAT officers to stop the alarm.)
  6. Get the other 2 parts for the bomb.
  7. Go to the central Prison gates and set the bomb.
  8. Stand well back and...boom!
  9. All players get $100,000 so you can set a Points game to end here.
If you don't make the game end here, you can exit the gates and explore more of the level.
  1. Go anti-clockwise and you'll find an Army garrison.
  2. A carpark full of FBI leading to the prison access bridge.
  3. The bridge is guarded by several Army guards and is very narrow.
  4. A freeway runs South, then East, then South.
  5. A hydroelectric power station has powerups to refresh your weapons and Armour.
  6. Continue West and you'll find a cable-stayed bridge, then a flat area, then a valley.
See how long you can last when every officer and agent in the County is on a manhunt for you!

Pyro did nearly all the scripting work. Normal acknowledgements to tool makers and R* for releasing their in-house tools. Complete list of testers will be maintained on the download page, like all my GTA2 levels.

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