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Re: New GTA2 Script Compiler

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Project is still in development, but like with many DIY things and no money for this job, it has its own ups and downs.
Most important thing is atm with finishing logical commands: IF..ELSE..ENDIF, DO..WHILE_TRUE etc

They worked on simple scripts but after trying more complex things they do not work correctly.
So i started redoing them from almost 0 and i have been successful with it.

DO..while_true and the other do_loop command are easier to make, they are named differently but core is basically same.
So its basically copy paste.

To make all this work i must understand logic behind miss2 from DMA. If i get the logic then i can replicate it in my compiler.
And then all of this will work on any script. With any complexity. So far this method works.

Made very complex script and 0 differences (0 errors) in miss2 and my scr files.

miss2 has its own bugs and weird things but in my compiler im fixing them.
Later i will add FOR loop, because in miss2 it doesnt work at all.

There is not much left.
If i get the IF..ELSE,,ENDIF , do_while true other logic commands to work then i can basically say that most important is done

What i need after that is the analyzing the mission scripts.
They are different from main scripts.
I can already read the mission scripts in and even compile them but compiler is not doing with them anything.
I turned off this feature in compiler, because its not finished.

It was added to test out how to even read in the mission scripts from main scripts and get the logic of this to work.
Just the writing of mission scripts to file is not implemented atm and some other related things.

I can release the source but i think no-one will understand anything from the source.
It was developed way back in 201x something, has hundreds of versions on my discs and backup medias. Test versions, snippets etc..

Will see, i have to think where, what and how much i would want to make available.
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