I.R.C. : Internet Relay Chat

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I.R.C. : Internet Relay Chat

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Server : Irc.gtanet.com
Is a Way to chat via channels on a server
Means that Any I.R.C. Consists of servers and servers consists of channels

Registering Nickname ---> Salamander Did this And explained How to Make It

Registering a Channel :
When you register the Channel, you become the owner of It , So I Will Show you how to register a channel
to register a channel : Type : /msg Chanserv register #channelname Password Description

Example : /msg chanserv register #test Test Test

Channel Levels :
~ :
The Owner Of the channel
Can Change Topic, Kick+ban, Change Channel Modes, Give and Take ( + , @ , % , & )

& :
Admin : Can Change Topic, Give and Take ( + , @ , % , & ) Kick+Ban

% :
HalfOperator :Kick+Ban, Set Topic

@ :
Operations :Set Topic, kick+Ban, give and Take ( + , @ , % , & )

+ :
Voice: Nothing to do with it ( Thats what i know about it)

Channel Modes :
+S -- Means that the channel is Secret, Cannot be viewed in the Channel List
+Q -- The Owner Of the Channel have this mode
+B -- Ban User From a specific Channel
+V -- Voice to someone
+O -- Operations
+L -- Limit of channel users
+I -- Channel Invite Only
+K -- Channel Is Locked with a Password, so No one can enters Channel [ Unless if the user knew the password]
+T -- Means Only Operators Changes The Topic
+N -- No Outside messages, Cant Change Nickname
+C -- disable colored msgs (or as i remember)
+H -- Half Operator
+M -- Moderated Channel, You Cannot send a msg in the channel
+P -- Channel Private
+S -- Secret Channel (NOTE: if you want to see the channel list, type: /list)

To Join/Creat a channel Type : /join #channelname
Example : /Join #test
If the channel isnt registered, Type the register Command [Written Up]
if it is registered , you cant register it anymore

To Drop [Delete] A Channel [Registered Channel] : Type: /msg chanserv Drop #ChannelName
I.R.C Services
There are 5 services [Which i know] They Are:

Protecting you Nickname, When you register your NickName, it is registered and protected by Nickserv
For Example : Gust123
-.- Gust123 isnt registered
-'- Anyone can use the nickname
Because it isn't portected by A Password, So [As Salamander Explained Nick Registeration] you Nick cannot be used unless by you
To identify yourself by a password : type : /msg Nickserv identify Secretpass (your pass)
For Help : /msg Nickserv HELP

Protect your channel ( gives the Owner of the channel +Q ) Explained Up ^
For help type : /msg chanserv HELP

A Service for people who cant script a bot
you can see the botlist By Typing : /bs Botlist
To assign (make a bot joins your channel) a bot : type
/msg botserv assign #channel botnick (from botlist)

The bot takes & in the channel.
to unassign a bot : type /bs unassign #channel

A BOT commands: (Only Owner of the Channel Do this)
!Seen (nickname) --> nickname last seen
!op (nickname) --> gives nickname op status
!halfop (nickname) ---> Gives nickname Halfop
!voice (nickname) --> Gives VOICE to Nickname
!protect (nickname) --> Protects a nick .. Gives Him & Status
For Help Type : /bs help

A Host Mask instead of your normal one Example:
Guest12321 (Host) has joined #channel name
you can hide it by Requesting it On #callcentre (/join #callcentre)
Network Admin will set your stated vhost.
for help type /msg hostserv help

If you need someone now but he is offline, you can send him an offline message, this is a good service
to send a memo type: /msg memoserv SEND nickname Message
Example : /msg memoserv SEND gust12321 Hi
-----> Memo Sent TO gust12321
To Read Memo Type /ms READ LAST
for help : /msg memoserv HELP
Note: that any channel which is not used for 14 days
(i.e. which no user on the channel's access list enters for that period of time) will be automatically dropped.

Nicknames that are not used anymore are subject to the automatic expiration, i.e. they will be deleted after 30 days if not used.
GTA2 Game hunter is half irc client
gta2 game hunter connects to the server then to the channel directly, unlike a normal irc client
the normal irc client connects to a server and then you join the channel
note : #Gta2gh is a locked - secret channel, so no one can join #gta2gh without downloading gta2 game hunter

I Posted Everything i know about IRC (irc.gtanet.com) Any thing new i know it i'll Post it
Hope you Understand and Thanks for Reading

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Re: I.R.C. : Internet Relay Chat

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