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by Razor
16 Apr 2009, 18:55
Forum: Maps
Topic: Hydrolite - Pyro
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Re: Hydrolite - Pyro

by Razor
16 Apr 2009, 18:54
Forum: Maps
Topic: Light Headed - Pyro
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Re: Light Headed - Pyro

by Razor
14 Apr 2009, 09:21
Forum: Maps
Topic: Cherry Town
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Cherry Town

ct1.2.rar Cherry Town MiniMap: Mode: Multiplayer Deathmatch Players: 1-6 Weapons : ALL Mis File : Included Description: This map has a custom style "ct.sty." with a few new cars. Interesting things on this map include a Monster Truck...
by Razor
06 Feb 2009, 15:32
Forum: GTA2 Game Hunter
Topic: GTA2 Game Hunter - ideas and suggestions
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Re: Ideas and suggestions for GTA2 Game Hunter updates

My Idea:

Option "Ignore User" this "mod" allows users to hide messages from users you chose to ignore. We have some Idiots in GH to ingore.