Vice City Stories

Vice City Stories

VCS has ad-hoc multiplayer on PSP but it doesn't have online/infrastructure multiplayer. The PS2 version doesn't have any multiplayer features.

All Multiplayer Modes

The latest issue of PSM in the USA not only features the world's first review of Vice City Stories but they've also got a whole page dedicated to the multiplayer modes in the game. There are ten in total and you'll also be able to take advantage of a selection of power ups (just as in LCS) such as Radar Invisibility, Mega Damage, Frenzy, Health Boost, Sticky Tires and Instant Repair. The modes, in full are:

  • Vice City Survivor - a regular deathmatch mode which you can play as a free for all or in teams.
  • Street Rage - A standard street racing mode
  • Taken for a Ride - This mode is most similar to Capture the Flag in other multiplayer games. You have to steal the opposing team's car and return it to your base. The team with the most cars captured when the time runs out is the winner
  • Protection Racket - A team based, conquest style game. When you start out you'll either be attacking or defending. If you're defending you'll have to prevent four vehicles inside your base from being destroyed and if you're attacking you'll have to take out the opposition's cars. The quickest assault on the base wins.
  • Tanks for the Memories - There's one tank somewhere on the map. The team that spends the most time inside the tank is the winner but it's not all that simple - the opposition will carry heavy weaponry in order to take the tank out, like the game's new Rocket Launcher.
  • Grand Theft Auto - A simple steal cars, sell cars mode. You'll have to grab specific vehicles off the street and return them to a location. The better condition the car is in when you deliver it, the more cash you'll receive. The winner is the player with the most money at the end of a given time
  • Hit List - One player in the game is designated as "The Mark" and they must stay alive for as long as possible with every other player in the game chasing after them. However, the Mark cannot see other players on the radar nor can they stay in any vehicle for a length of time (it will explode after a period). Killing the mark results in someone else taking on that role. The winner is the player who stays alive as The Mark for the longest.
  • Empire Takedown - Two teams, each with their own building or site. There's one set of explosives located somewhere on the level and the aim is to be the first team to grab them and deploy them at the opposing team's site. Once you're successful in rigging their building up to blow you'll have to prevent the other team from defusing the bombs while a timer counts down. When the timer reaches zero the building will explode and the winner will be declared.
  • Might of the Hunter - Very similar to Tanks for the Memories but the aim is to score the most kills and there's a Hunter (aka the "Army" helicopter) rather than a tank. Once again players will be equipped with heavy weaponry.
  • V.I.P. R.I.P. - Two teams - attackers and defenders and one player on the defenders' team is the VIP. The VIP must collect five briefcases, one at a time (when one is picked up another will spawn somewhere else) and then make their way to the escape point. While this is happening the attackers must try to kill the VIP. If the VIP escapes, the defending team wins but if the VIP is killed the attackers will win.

IGN Vice City Stories multiplayer preview

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Liberty City Stories

Liberty City Stories - PS2
Unfortunately, the PS2 version has no multiplayer functions

Liberty City Stories - PSP
LCS supports up to 6 player Ad-hoc multiplayer (you basically have to be in the same room as your opponent, no internet play). All players need the game, there is no game sharing feature ( is wrong).

If the ping/latency to your opponent is over 20ms (the limit may be even lower) then LCS will just disconnect you. This means that it's highly unlikely that you will be able to play it on the internet using a tunnelling program like Xlink Kai because 99% of people just can't get a ping that low to anyone, let alone the few people that would be trying to tunnel LCS at the time you want to play. If you were actually able to get a ping that low to someone, you and your opponent also currently need a Linksys router with custom firmware installed. I wish it could be played on the internet but it's just totally impractical.

Short movie showing some of the multiplayer modes but very little gameplay:
GTALCS_3_480x360.wmv 6MB (Windows Media Player) 12MB (Quicktime)

There are 7 multiplayer modes:

Liberty City Survivor

The first player to reach the Kill Limit or have the most kills when the Time Limit has been reached wins the game. Killing another player earns you a point but kill yourself and a point will be deducted. Or team up and kill the opposing gang members. The first gang to reach the Kill Limit or have the most kills when the Time Limit has been reached wins the game.

Protection Racket

Would you protect it with your life and some obvious military power? Now you have the chance to prove your commitment, but not just to one beauty but to four sparkling limos.

Destroy four limos at the opposing gang's base. Defend the four limos at your base from incoming Attackers. The game is played in two rounds. Each gang will automatically be assigned in the Defending or Attacking roles. A timer displayed onscreen will measure the time it takes for the Attacking gang to destroy the limos in the first round. Once all four limos in the Defenders’ base have been destroyed, the roles of the Attacking & Defending gang will switch and the second round will begin. The time it took for the limos to be destroyed the first round will now be displayed onscreen and will be counting down. The new Attacking gang must now destroy the limos within this time limit or the other gang will win the game.

Get Stretch

Today you desire your friend’s shiny new car, unfortunately they also desire yours.

Each gang must steal their opposing gang’s car and return it to their own base while protecting their own gang car from being stolen. You can return your own gang car by driving it back to base or by destroying it. Your gang car will automatically be returned to your base after a short period of time if it is unattended by the opposing gang. You must have both gang cars on your base to enable a successful capture. The first gang to reach the Score Limit or make the most captures within the Time Limit wins the game.

The Hit List

Kill the Marked player as quickly as possible. Survive as long as possible when you are the Mark. In the first round, one player will be chosen randomly as the Mark, all other players must try to kill the Marked player as quickly as possible. Once a Marked player has been killed, a different player will be randomly chosen to be the Mark. Making a successful kill on a Marked player will award you with extra time that is added to your survival time at the end of the game. Once all players have been Marked and killed, the player with the longest survival time wins. The Marked player's vehicle will take damage over time.

Street Rage

Players must drive through the checkpoints to get to the finish line first. Players are allowed to change vehicles and shoot other players to win the race. Players will be automatically re-spawned in a vehicle on the track after a short period of time if they do not have a vehicle or if they have been killed. The player that finishes the race first wins. Sticky Tires - Improves vehicle handling for limited time. Instant Repair - Instantly repairs vehicle.

The Wedding List

This is a free-for-all game where players must collect cars scattered throughout the city and deliver them to shipping crates. Only players in the vehicles to be collected will know the destinations of the shipping crates. Cash is awarded based on the condition of the cars when they are delivered. Once all the cars have been collected and delivered, the player with the most cash wins this game mode.

Tanks for the memories

Be the first to the tank and try to survive the target Tank Time. Other players must try to destroy your tank before the Tank Time is reached. If this happens the player who caused the most damage to the tank will now occupy the new tank and you must destroy it as quickly as possible. First player that hits the Tank Time wins!


LCS official site

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More Chinatown Wars reviews

Chad Sapieha's negative review

Rockstar's developers deserve kudos for doing the best they could given the hardware they had to work with, but it seems to me that some game concepts are simply better suited for more powerful platforms. - 92%

Chinatown Wars is recommended to any mature DS owner, with a variety of online features and loads of content to explore outside of the core missions, it marks one of the most valuable DS games on the market. - Good Game (Transcript of their video review)

Even though I’m a fan of the other handheld incarnations of GTA on psp I reckon this style is much more fun, and it would be nice to see a top down psp version one day...I’m giving it 9.5.

I’m giving Chinatown Wars a 9.


Chinatown Wars details from EDGE

The February 2009 issue of EDGE reports that the team working on the game is "twice the size" of the one that worked on Vice and Liberty City Stories and they've created something which has "more lines of code" than San Andreas. This seems hard to believe but it's great news if it's true.

Other details included:

  1. The Satellite navigation system is "identical" to GTA IVs in appearance and functionality.
  2. Ammunation has gone online! You order weapons with your PDA and they show up at your safehouse.
  3. You can replay any mission by selecting it from a menu in the safehouse.
  4. Grenades and molotovs are thrown using the touch screen - you touch one and drag it, with an indicator on the top screen (where the action is) showing you where it's going to land.
  5. The A button is used to fire weapons.
  6. One minigame involves assembling all of the parts of a sniper rifle with the touch screen, before using it to assassinate a designated target.
  7. Another touch-sensitive mini-game will be paying bridge tolls - you push the coin into the slot to get through the barrier.
  8. While some might perceive them to be gimmicky, EDGE describes the mini games as being "short" and "smoothly integrated".

Most importantly though, the magazine mentions that the game is "already complete" and final bug testing is taking place. You'll be able to get your hands on the game in mid-March.

Thanks to for the news.


Video Game Censorship

Ask an average Australian about censorship and chances are they'll tell you it's a bad thing.

Banned: the absurdity of Australia's game rating regime - article

This is an old video but unlike the Q and A video, this one is an informed discussion.

Should R18+ video games be allowed in Australia? - February 2008 - Sunrise (morning show)

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2006-10-27 - CheatDevice 1.0d PRX for GTA:LCS PSP
"New PRX version for use with DevHook! Works with any emulated firmware version. Works with the new patched US disk and the original US and UK disks. Sorry, the patched UK disk is not currently supported."

2006-10-25 - VC-MP v0.3
Vice City Multiplayer v0.3 has been released.


  • netcode (allows 50 players now)
  • sync (smoother sync overall)
  • browser (SA:MP browser interface)
  • admin (in-game commands added)


  • synced pickups (defined thru ini)
  • maximum flight height raised
  • tires popping is synced
  • added chat commands /msg and /me
  • armour bars added above health bars
  • bugs fixed

Download from

2006-10-24 - Vice City Stories PSP - All multiplayer modes revealed
Thanks to PSM magazine and, we now know all the VCS multiplayer modes and details. Check my Vice City Stories page for all the info.

2006-10-24 - Rollercoaster slaughter
Bowling + Rollercoaster = Fun!

2006-10-23 - GTA2 Game Hunter v1.475

  • Added /whois nick and /wi. This lets you see how long a player has been idle in the chat and also how long ago they connected.
  • Debug registry key was still being deleted on exit (I accidentally used .DeleteKey instead of .DeleteValue).

Download from the GTA2 page
Please contact me, if you find any bugs.

2006-10-22 - Tiny Town and Face Off - No Invulnerabilty
I patched Tiny Town and Face Off to remove the invulnerabilty powerup. Extract to GTA2\data. It won't replace your existing scripts, so you can still play the original with invul.
Download: 42KB

2006-10-22 - GTA2 Game Hunter v1.474

  • If a comment ended in C, J or JR then no one would see your game in the list
  • The currently selected map is now displayed in the titlebar on the create game screen
  • Game comments are sent as a private message when a player tries to join your game. This means all versions will see the comments.
  • "/QUIT msg" is supported. To prevent quit message spam, the server doesn't display a custom quit message if you only recently connected.
  • "/NICK name" is supported.
  • Most GTA2 debug registry settings are now left alone (only skip frontend and script/map/style name are modified) - edit: oops I was wrong, it still deletes the debug registry key on exit.
  • Hamachi password is now correctly sent to joiners
  • When joining a Hamachi game, GTA2 IP is set to blank (for automatic searching) instead of
  • IRC password can now be set to nothing

2006-10-21 - Payback for GP2X - playable demo
If you are one of the few who own a GP2X portable system then you might be interested in the GTA clone Payback. A playable demo has recently been released. official site

2006-10-20 - Vice City Stories multiplayer
IGN has a preview of some of the Vice City Stories multiplayer modes. As was already known, it will not support online/internet play. All the modes from Liberty City Stories are there and a few new ones. Some of the street races now require you to switch vehicle several times during the race. You could start in a car, switch to a boat, switch to a chopper and finally back to a car. One of the new multiplayer modes is called "Might of the Hunter" and involves the use of the Hunter helicopter to kill your opponents.

2006-10-20 - Golden Joystick Awards 2006 - GOTY soon
According to , these are the current contenders for Golden Joystick's Game Of The Year Award 2006:

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Call of Duty 2
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition
  • Half-Life 2
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
  • Mario Kart DS
  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5
  • Resident Evil 4

The awards ceremony will take place at the Park Lane Hilton, London in the Grand Ballroom on Friday, October 27.
Get your votes in now!

2006-10-08 - GTA2 Game Hunter v1.473

  • "in game" status should be removed correctly now. Previously it was only removed for people currently in the channel and not new joiners.
  • You can now easily test multiplayer maps in singleplayer. Some scripts will try to use commands on players 2-6, so they will crash.
  • The "player is trying to join your game" message is now displayed no matter what version of GH the joiner is using. Join sound is only played if they are granted access to your game.
  • Added a slightly more informative error message than index out of bounds.

2006-10-07 - GTA2 Game Hunter v1.472

  • I forgot to include keep.ini, so when you hosted, the only map available on the GTA2 network screen was the one you selected in GH.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes replaced your GTA2 path with your IRC password (was being saved to wrong registry key)
  • Removed some debug messages including blnDisconnectClick
  • Fixed a bug that locally displayed a "-" instead of your Hamachi Network name
  • Fixed some bugs when trying to join a password protected game (index out of bounds, nothing happening)

2006-10-07 - GTA2 multiplayer movie
GTA2online-best_player.wmv 19MB - Thanks to BIT and others.

2006-10-07 - GTA2 Game Hunter v1.471

  • Players who joined weren't being added to the player list (no idea how I missed this)
  • Included MSCOMCTL.OCX in the installer just in case you are missing it or it's not correctly registered

2006-10-07 - GTA2 Game Hunter v1.47

  • Map name is now displayed
  • If someone doesn't have the same .mmp file as your hosted map, they will not be able to join
  • The 100 .mmp limit is no longer an issue. Install as many maps as you like. MMP files that you aren't using are moved to GTA2\data\tempMMP.
  • Most columns are now sortable and resizable
  • You can select which server to connect to from a hard coded list (all servers are linked, so all have same players)
  • Hamachi support. Auto launch Hamachi and join Hamachi networks. For hosting, you have to manually create Hamachi networks.
  • There is now a status column for displaying away messsages. Type /away to set away or /back to set to normal.
  • Comments can be displayed next to your hosted game. You could use it to display the game rules.
  • If you have previously registered a name on then you can type a password and identify.

2006-10-02 - SA:MP status update and movie
Some of the changes include:

  • Changable weather.
  • Throwable weapons now work.
  • Admins can now teleport to places by right-clicking somewhere on the map.

A short movie has been released that shows working trucks with trailers, train, helicopter, RC plane, molotovs and more.
Go to the SA:MP blog to see full change list and download the movie

2006-10-02 - MTA:SA to support custom license plates and player stats
"As many eagle-eyed fans noticed from some recent pictures in the Picture Gallery, customisable synced license plates are now possible, and map creators can change player stats to suit the gameplay of the map."
Check the MTA:SA blog for more info.

2006-10-01 - updated - schu returns?
G! logo

2006-10-01 - Vice City Stories - No online mode
Joystiq has confirmed that VCS PSP will not have infrastructure (online play). It will just have ad-hoc (local network play) like LCS. You will be able to use helicopters in multiplayer but that means nothing if you can't find anyone to play.
Source: "Oh, and for the record, multiplayer is still limited to ad hoc play."

2006-10-01 - GTA1 game finder v1.13 released
Steven Day has released an update to his game finder. It's an open source multiplayer environment that supports GTA1, GTA:London, and Age of Empires 1 and 2. It's now possible to join games without opening any ports (host still needs 1 port open).



2006-09-27 - 3D-ONE project
Delfi and others are slowly working on converting the GTA1 cities to San Andreas. If you have the skills, give them a hand.
3D-ONE project

2006-09-25 - SA:MP status update
"We are upgrading the pawn/rcon functionality as well as fixing bugs and making some optimizations."
SA:MP blog

2006-09-19 - MTA:SA deathmatch status update - Improved scoreboard and team support
MTA:SA deathmatch scoreboard image
MTA:SA blog

2006-09-12 - MTA:SA deathmatch status update - Keybinds system updated
MTA:SA blog

2006-09-06 - MTA:SA deathmatch status update - all weapons synced
"All weapons are synced. You may have seen from past videos that snipers have been synced. This extends to rocket launchers and satchel charges."
MTA:SA blog

2006-09-06 - Official VCS website launched
R* has launched their official Vice City Stories (PSP) website. It contains new information, screenshots, a trailer and more.
VCS official site



2006-07-30 - MTA:SA trailers and teamsay
MTA:SA will support truck trailers and allow you to send private messages to team members.
Source: MTA:SA blog

2006-07-26 - Vice City Stories PSP box art
Vice City Stories box art image
Larger image (500KB)

2006-07-20 - MTA:SA Radar Map
Oli has been implementing an ingame full size radar map for MTA:SA deathmatch. He is currently adding a zoom system and customisable transparency.

More information and more status updates on the MTA:SA blog

2006-07-08 - MTA:SA Deathmatch video
MTA:SA Deathmatch won't be out for a while but they have released a new gameplay movie. It's 17MB and the download link is on their blog . Not the most exciting video but it certainly looks like much more is synced than MTA:VC. The boxing looks amusing.

2006-07-04 - The Making of Grand Theft Auto
Edge has an interesting article about the creation of GTA1.

2006-07-03 - GTA2 maps and movies
Korean GTA2 multiplayer gameplay videos 595KB - Check Yakuza GTA2 clan (Polish) site for updates
Chaos City



2006-05-27 - MTA:SA Deathmatch Admin System
Oli has posted screenshots and a description of the MTA:SA Deathmatch Admin System.

2006-05-27 - LCS PS2 will not have multiplayer
Issue 82 of PSW magazine has a review of LCS PS2 in which they mention that it has no multiplayer or any new features, just slightly better graphics than the PSP version. I didn't expect it to have multiplayer because it wasn't in development for very long and it will be selling for a budget price.

2006-05-22 - SA-MP v0.1b released
"SA:MP 0.1b has been released. This version fixes some crashes in the server so it is highly advised that you update as soon as possible. This update also includes many fixes to the server browser." - Mike

2006-05-19 - GTA Rumble 0.2b released
A new version of GTA Rumble has been released. It's a multiplayer mod for San Andreas:
"I've tried my best to fix as many bugs as i can and rewrote an aweful lot to make it more stable and hugely decrease bandwidth usage. Added a few things all around, client, server and admin, but the main new things are sync'd car mod's/modshops and the (limited) spectator." - Jax

2006-05-11 - Vice City Stories confirmed for PSP
Vice City Stories will be released on PSP in October 2006. Not really surprising. Vice City was the obvious choice and it will be much easier to make than a whole new city. I hope it means they'll have time to add some online features but maybe they will save that for GTA4.
Official VCS site

2006-05-11 - MTA:SA Deathmatch movie #1
The MTA team have created another movie: MTA:SA Deathmatch movie #1

2006-05-10 - SA-MP v0.1 is out!
SA-MP v0.1 has been released!

2006-05-10 - Grand Theft Auto 4 announced
GTA4 has been announced for PS3 and XBOX 360 with a release date of October 2007 . Well at least the XBOX 360 will be cheaper by then and with some luck the PS3 console may actually be out 🙂

2006-05-09 - E3 - Sony Press Conference
The PS3 controller will be like the dual shock 2 controller but without the shock (no rumble). The controller will be slightly lighter than a dual shock and it will have some basic motion sensors. There will be two PS3 models released. A basic model with a 20GB HD for $499US and a luxury model with a 60GB HD, memory card slots, wi-fi and HDMI for $599US. has posted some more information about the conference.

2006-05-08 - 2D car game for PSP and Windows being made in LUA script
Vincent is creating a 2D top down car game in LUA script . It will be compatible with the PSP and Windows versions of Lua Player . Don't expect a full clone of GTA2, it's just going to be a simple top down game but it could still be fun.

2006-05-07 - SA:MP Beta #3 status update
SA:MP Beta #3 was released to the public for a short time but it has been deactivated now. It appears it had a few problems.
"Since Beta #2, we've overhauled a large part of the netcode, trying to reduce bandwidth usage and increase the overall accuracy of the sync. We also tried to extend GTA:SA's internal limits, which I think didn't work out how we'd planned." - kyeman
SA:MP blog

2006-05-05 - CheatDevice 1.0d for GTA:LCS PSP
CheatDevice 1.0d has been released. Cars are now able to drive on walls.



Some new screenshots of MTASA have been released. It's looking great.

A short movie showing the LCS PSP multiplayer modes and some descriptions were released on the official LCS site. I created a LCS page with just multiplayer info.

T-Low updated his GTA2 map: Industrial Island v1.21. He fixed a hole in the map.

Download my GTA2 script: 5KB
4, 5 and 6 player didn't work in v0.3 because players were spawning on the same location. I added some more parked cars. The onscreen counters are redrawn after every frag now since if there is a time limit, the clock will clear the counter from the screen.

I made an experimental team deathmatch type script for GTA2:
Select Team Tiny Town on the multiplayer screen to play this script. Player 1, 3, 5 are on Red team. Player 2, 4, 6 are on Blue team. If you want the game to end when a team gets 10 frags then make it a points game 99999999. If a player on your team dies by any means (cops, team kill, suicide or killed by other team) then the other team gets a frag/point.

T-Low released v1.2 of Industrial Island . He used GMP optimizer this time, so the file size is smaller than his previous release. A few more powerups were added, map cleaned up a bit and a hole was removed.

New GTA2 multiplayer map - Industrial Island . Supports 1-5 players. Looks good but weapons seem a bit hard to get and I couldn't find any rocket launcher in the short time I played it.
For anyone making GTA2 maps, I recommend shrinking your map from 6MB to less than 1MB by using GMP Optimizer .

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.458 beta 251KB

Bugs fixes:

  • If there was more than 64KB of chat then the end of URLs was not being detected correctly and caused an error if you clicked on a URL. Fixed.
  • If you changed your country using the location box, the change would not take effect until you restarted GH. Now it takes effect as soon as you sign in.
  • GH no longer tries to copy a file from the exe pack over your current gta2.exe every time you start it. Now it only happens when you select a version. This stops the message "Close GTA2 before trying to change version. Error copying file: Permission denied" from being displayed, if GTA2 was running before you start GH.

Cosmetic changes:

  • Added the word "when" to one of the captions on the settings screen
  • Changed "GTA2 ver." to "GTA2 version" and lined up version combo box with the other buttons
  • Changed "GTA2Guy's 47624 is closed" to "GTA2Guy's port 47624 is closed"
  • Chat history text is now closer to chat box

GTA2 Game Hunter screenshot

Some new videos of MTA: San Andreas have been released in the last few days. Read more on the MTA:SA blog .

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.457 beta 249KB

  • Probing message removed and now GH only displays a message if a port is closed
  • Really fixed a bug that didn't remove your game from the list

GTA2 Game Hunter 1.45 screenshot

GTA2 Game Hunter v1.456

  • GH checks port 47624 and 2300 on hosted games and reports if they're open or closed
  • Fixed a bug that didn't remove your game from other people's lists until you closed GTA2
  • Window state/size settings are saved/loaded correctly again (loaded from wrong registry section in 1.45)
  • "Sign In" button is now the default button
  • Changed quit message to "signed out"
  • The server message "ERROR: closing link" is not actually an error, so it will now be displayed as "Closing link"
  • You can clear all chat window text by typing /clear

GTA: LCS for PSP will have 6 player Ad-hoc (wireless LAN) multiplayer! IGN and the official site have more info.
GTATOURNAMENT v0.1c has been released (multiplayer mod for San Andreas).