Grand Theft Auto for the NES

"The most violent game on the original Nintendo, besides Duck Hunt" original video

The video is obviously a joke but there is an unofficial clone of GTA being made for NES. hasn't been updated in a long time but I still have hope.

22Apr/08 – Some services closing

"Due to some attacks on our services, we're now scaling back our operations. We will no longer be running an official forum or IRC channel. SA-MP client and server updates will be announced on this news page as they are made available.

Please remember that we are a small team and we are not professional game developers. Our only interest and objective is to make GTA:SA have a multiplayer option.

The master servers will remain online (hopefully for years to come)."

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GTA IV Q&A: Animating the World by gamespot

We catch up with Rockstar North for a brief talk about animation in GTAIV.

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Rockstar Social Club

The Rockstar Games Social Club is now open for pre-registration. This is a members-only destination for leaderboards, statistics, tournaments, ongoing special competitions, virtual events and more for Rockstar titles beginning with the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV on April 29th. Register your membership now to set up your profile and ensure that you will be able to check your stats and participate on day one of game release.

Make sure you enter your birthdate during signup since by default it puts your birth year as 2008 and you can't change it later. It also blocks your IP address for privacy reasons if you are under a certain age.

Rockstar Social Club
Social Club Logo

If you sign up before the 2008-04-29, you are over 18 and live in the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland or the United Kingdom then you will automatically be entered to win a special once-in-a-lifetime prize for true GTA fans: your portrait custom drawn by Rockstar Games in the signature style of Grand Theft Auto IV's illustrations. I wonder why Australia is excluded.

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GTA IV radio station names

Thanks to OPM and raidenraider2006's post, we now have the list of GTA IV radio stations.

  • WKTT - We Know The Truth - Genre: Talk Radio
  • Radio Broker ; Genre: Alt Rock
  • San Juan Sounds - Genre: Latin
  • Integrity 2.0 - Genre: Speech - Host Lazlow
  • Tuff Gong Radio - Genre: Reggae/Dub
  • Liberty City Hardcore - LCHC - Genre: Punk/Hardcore
  • Electro Choc - Genre Dance
  • Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 - Genre: Classic Rock
  • Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 - Genre: Dance Hall
  • The Vibe 96.8 - Genre: Soul/R'n'B
  • International Funk - IF99 - Genre: Funk
  • PLR - Public Liberty Radio - Genre: Call-in Speech
  • The Classics 104.1 - Genre: Old-Skool Hip-Hop
  • The Beat 102.7 - Genre: Contemporary Hip-Hop
  • Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 - Genre: Jazz
  • K109 The Studio - Genre: Disco
  • Fusion FM
  • Vladivosotk FM - Genre: Eastern European
  • The Journey - Genre: Ambient/Chillout
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8Apr/08 hands on with GTA IV multiplayer

Hands on With GTA Multiplayer: City of Chaos

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