7 new GTA2 maps by Lantyz

  1. Island Hopper - A rather large map consisting of three islands and a gang system.
  2. Tower Arena - A small map in which players start on a tower to prevent spawn killing.
  3. SWAT - A map with a maximum wanted level of 4.
  4. The Rock - A tiny map consisting of a large rock.
  5. Scavenger - A small map with only rocket launchers; each giving you only one rocket.
  6. Capture the Van - A map in which all players try to steal a car and bring it to their crusher to earn points.
  7. Fortress - A map in which all players try to be the only one inside the fortress to earn the most points.

Download from the GTA2 Multiplayer Map page

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  1. Thank you for adding them. I hope you’ll enjoy the maps.

    By the way, the name’s “Lantyz”. : -P

  2. Yeah the maps look great and some nice unique features. I’m impressed. I haven’t played them multiplayer yet but from the descriptions they sound really good.

    Sorry about typing your name wrong, I fixed it now.

  3. Just recently played several of those with Lantyz. Certainly not bad and interesting, though i prefer more ammo myself on Scavenger, but thats just me. 😛

    Perhaps can check out the others in 1P, perhaps play later again with Lantyz. Perhaps ill win with just a bit more luck next time on Capture the Van. Almost won… 😛 Only like 7K difference, and low time.

  4. Capture the Van is fun. I played against Brett , he beat me to a few vans early in the game, then we took in turns, I finally managed to steal a van from him and after that I found the rocket launcher and took the lead.

  5. haven’t got the chance to try them.

    are they good?


    a few hours and not days for gta4 tonight at midnight.

    cant wait.

    i hope everyone enjoys it.

  6. cool maps. kinda fun to play, especially capture the van 😛

  7. SWAT is a decent deathmatch map (I like the jump to get the Rocket Launcher).

    Most of the other maps look great but the weapons are either too few or it takes too long to get to them. I will stick with SWAT and CtV.

    there are still people playing and some day, i maybe will do some mapping aswell 😀
    as soon as i learn the basics of gta II mapping 🙂

  9. I’ve tried Capture the Van…it seems a bit like Capture the flag 😉

    Also tried Fortress…

    Both are good and fresh efforts. Thanks!

    I haven’t played gta2 for a long time, but it’s always as cool as in the old days. One of the best game ever ! Still better in 2D.

    Rockstar should release the source code.. so people would maintain the game even more alive with better multiplayer and alot of different gameplay like yours.

    Thank you really much!
    I hope you will continue doing really great maps as theses.

  11. eat ass latzy. put some weps on that shit

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