GTA IV reviews by OXM and Xbox World 360


Two more publications have reviewed the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, (which is only a week away from release), both of which have given the game amazing and near-perfect scores. First up was the U.S. version of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) , the review was obviously favorable. The final verdict was a 9.5/10 . Their conclusion:

  • + Wounderful environment with gajillions of great things to do.
  • + Multiplayer is a deep, terrific addition to the series.
  • - Would be even better with a little editing: it starts slowly, has a few too many “filler” missions.

Xbox World 360 (U.K.) scored the game a 98%/100% , which is said to be their highest score ever given. Their conclusion:

  • + Oscar-worthy dialogue
  • + unfeasibly rich game world
  • + inspired mission design

Both reviews have quite a few mission and story details, and even include achievement details, Easter-egg details, and more. Be sure to check them out whenever you see them at your local shop.

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