Grand Theft Auto Media Press

 Map   Preview   Size   Description   Creator   Date 
beer 12kB beer grotovsky 2014/02/25
ga spar edited 70kB Capture the van. Razor 2012/07/08
Mech War 1.5MB Everybody loves robot fighting. JernejL, Sektor 2011/07/12
Water Slow Race 30kB A challenging race map. Every player respawns at the furthest checkpoint achieved by anyone. You can fight to the death at the end, race winner gets an advantage. Yorselfon, Sektor 2011/07/9
Tiny Face Off Arena - Tiny Face Off Arena Ben Millard 2011/06/06
Tiny Hidden Surprise Arena - An even smaller version of Hidden Surprise with more weapons. Ben Millard 2011/06/06
Tiny Tiny Town Arena - An even smaller version of Tiny Town. This one has instantly respawning 99 ammo powerups. Created by Ben Millard and Elypter. Ben Millard 2011/06/06
Block Fort Frag Wipe Out 1.9MB Unlimited vehicle gun, rocket launcher and flamethrower. You won't have any trouble finding a strong car. This map is crazy! Sektor 2010/11/03
Bootcamp CTV 143kB Team capture the vehicle! As a team (Red in the south vs Yellow in the north) you must capture the opposing team's APC and bring it to your garage to score points while defending your own! First to 3 points wins! Pyro 2010/06/15
Pure Zooka Arena 65kB Pure Zooka Arena - This is an empty square arena with no obstacles to hide behind. All players have unlimited Bazooka ammo. It has lighting so it can be played in noon or dusk. There is an invisible ceiling that speeds up the pace by stopping bodies from flying far. There is a smaller 2 player arena called "Extra Pure", so you never lose track of your opponent. The .mis file is now included. The camera is zoomed out further in this version and the respawn points are shifted a bit to be less predictable. TommySprat 2010/06/12
Face Off Revised 5kB The gang powerup respawns instantly, removed invulnerability, replaced invisibility with rocket launcher, added a free repair shop near the vehicle gun and added a tank that can only be obtained by glitches. Max wanted level is 5. There is a version with mines and one without. Sektor 2010/04/05
Hidden Surprise Team DeathMatch 94kB I don't know why it's called Team DeathMatch since all the players have different colours and I didn't see any team scoring system but it has improved on Hidden Surprise by adding more weapons, removed mines, removed invisibility, easier to see player colours and various ramps added to make it quicker to get to a weapon in a high location. The weapons are in all sections of the map, so parts that weren't used much like bottom left corner and top right corner now have powerful weapons. Sadly the .mis file was not included. DonMahone 2010/04/05
Rob's Map 67kB This was made in 2003. Author's description: It contains normal spawning weapons and powerups, a car shop, and also triggers where you can e.g. buy a tank for $50,000 , increase ammo, get lots of weapons, road detonations, etc. Max wanted level is 4. Some triggers may be "too" much, like the ones where one can remove all weaponry of a particular player. One trigger, the one where you get a full load of weapons, has a 1:3 chance that the player is blown to pieces! Rob Devilee 2010/01/26
Block Fort Frag 11kB All vehicles have unlimited vehicle gun ammo. All players have unlimited flamethrower and rockets. You have a million dollars for repairing your vehicle. Map by Wario5. Script by Sektor. Sektor 2009/12/25
Block Fort Tag Revisited 67kB This arena is based on Mario Kart 64's Block Fort arena. At the corners of the map, you can pickup 9 gang members with machineguns to do all your slaughtering for you. Wario5 2009/11/14
DAFE's Death Valley 2MB You just have to try it. [DAFE] 2009/10/27
ManDang's Water World 7kB Another water map by ManDang. There are two hidden tanks. ManDang 2009/09/19
ManDang's Water Town 8kB Islands connected by thin roads. It's easy to fall into the water. The weapon placement is good. You'll have to perform some car stunts to get to the two tanks. ManDang 2009/09/19
Tiny Zaibatsu Town 115kB Tiny Zaibatsu Town is a version of Tiny Town with Zaibatsu textures. It has parked Zaibatsu Z-Types, a hidden rocket-proof, flame-proof and bullet-proof Zaibatsu Z-Type with Vehicle Mines, Oil Slicks, Vehicle-bombs, Instant vehicle-bombs and Vehicle Machineguns, a hidden Tank with mines, oil slicks (instant)vehicle-bombs, a hidden Invisibility, a hidden respect and (obviously) a Zaibatsu Gang. It has the same weapons as the normal Tiny Town, with a jump to take a Silenced Machine Gun. Gustavob 2009/08/23
Yakuza vs Loonies 54kB Yazukza vs Loonies - Capture the briefcase, team battle and standard deathmatch. Update: Some of the MMP files had errors but they are fixed now. CarThief 2009/05/30
Tiny Loony Race 48kB Tiny Town fenced off into a race course with loony theme and some extras.
Areen/Razor 2009/03/23
Mafia Town 34kB Bots and other crazy stuff. Created by Pablo Zacheo and Martin Zacheo.
The Mafia 2009/03/22
Cherry Town 1.9MB City the size of the HS. Players: 1-6. Weapons: ALL. This map has a custom style "ct.sty." with a few new cars. Interesting things on this map include a Monster Truck, turret and remote control mini car. This is not the final version of the map.
Razor 2009/03/22
Tiny Yakuza Town 23kB Tiny Town with Yakuza gang cars, jumps and other weird stuff. Kamil 2009
Western 6kB Dual pistols, health and armour with a desert/western theme Kamil 2009
Loony Zooka 5kB Loony Zooka Arena, instantly respawning rocket and fast reload powerups Ziommal 2009
Army Base   Uno Carb has hired you to infiltrate the Army's most heavily guarded facility. Fight veteran guards and endless platoons of soldiers. Destroy the generators to open the blast doors and win the game. Ben Millard 2009
Vedic Temple   You mastered the sacred art of Krishna-fu, young Grasshopper. Now for your final test: a fight to the death amongst the trees and towers of the ancient Vedic Temple. Ben Millard 2009
DeCon Labs   A lone Krishna Warrior must assault the Zaibatsu stronghold in Escobar, Industrial District. Zaibatsu must defend their 3 tanks and 3 generators while the warrior tries to destroy them. Ben Millard 2009
Dullswill 113kB This is a large multiplayer map with various weapons and parked vehicles. There is also a singleplayer mode with Russian text. Sage/Chiller
Mini 16kB This is a small deathmatch island created in summer 2004. This version has been repacked and will not be compatible with older versions hosted on other sites. Sage/Chiller
Mafia Style 70kB Mafia Style is a medium sized arena with a phone at each end. Each time you spawn, you can use the phone to call for backup (a gang that follows you). There are molotovs, machine guns and shotguns. Supports 2 to 4 players. Uses custom e.gxt. Razor 2009/01/18
Ga Spar Edited 87kB Ga Spar Edited v1.03 - Counter terrorists need to deliver a bankvan but the terrorists are trying to blow it up. Razor 2009/01/18
MultiSlayer 5 2MB

MultiSlayer City: A large map with lots of weapons, lots of tanks and special vehicles. It uses graphics from GTA1 for the landscape and tiles.

Deathmatch arenas packed with ammo: Ghetto (fun map with respawning FBI car), Graveyard, Ship (working conveyors), Football.

MultiSlayer Race: The city has been closed off and is ready for racing.

All maps support up to 6 players and include the .mis files. Please don't mirror Ben Millard's maps but feel free to link to Project Cerbera.

Ben Millard 2009
Tiny Loony Town 25kB This is Tiny Town but with different textures, loony gang walking around, instant vehicle bomb cars, fast reload powerup and some other minor changes. Created for the Loony Clan. Ziommal 2008/12/24
Death Derby Arena 5kB

Throw grenades and molotovs from above your opponent or pickup a rocket launcher and go down to their level. Kill your opponent up close with electrofingers. Supports 2-6 players.

Kamil 2008/11/16
Aad's Messup 17kB A messed up map with lots of parked cars, ramps, water and some random weapons placed around buildings. There is a respawning bus with car guns and a rocket launcher pickup. Supports 1-6 players. There are no lights, set GTA2 lighting to off/noon. The .mis file is included. Aad 2008/11/12
Deep Source 2MB Map Name: DM-DeepSource-V2
Type: Deathmatch Map
Author: Kapet(Peter Erdmann)
Kapet 2008/09/20
The 2 Power 3kB The 2 Power - 2 player deathmatch map - rocket launcher - docks
Adler 2008/09/20
The 8 Prison 5kB The 8 Prison - 1 to 4 players Kapet 2008/09/20
Base 7kB This is an army base. It has tanks, jeeps with vehicle bombs/guns, rocket launcher, molotovs and grenades! Razor 2008/08/22
weaponstore 7kB

Weaponstore - There are no vehicles. You have to jump on crates to get to most weapons. Includes .mis file.

Razor 2008/08/22
Elvis Rockets 7kB

Elvis Rockets - Rocket arena where all players start on one of four high platforms. You can jump to the other platforms but if you miss the jump you will die. You can get down to the ground by jumping on to cars or use a rocket shockwave to bounce you off the walls.

Added lights, fixed some bugs and added some text.

Razor 2008/08/13
Rozjebunda 7kB

Total Destruction - All players start in a high safe area on the sides of the map with a machine gun powerup. The only way to get to the other players is by jumping down but you will quickly find out that the gangs are against you. You can get rocket launcher by killing the gang members. It is difficult to stay alive since the gang members are crack shots and you don't know when they are going to attack.

Removed the Author = Razor line from the MMP files since it may cause problems with 3 player games.

Razor 2008/08/13
Cliff Hanger 23kB Cliff Hanger - Medium sized map with various weapons scattered around. There is a bridge and a peer. One of the rocket launcher pickups requires doing a jump to get to it. Supports 1-4 players. Kick Ass 2008/08/06
Prison Break 8kB Prison Break - This is a slightly modified version of the prison island from the Residential map. All players start in the prison and the only land outside the prison is a platform with a rocket launcher powerup. There are various respawning powerups and weapons scattered around the prison. Supports 2 to 4 players. Mahone 2008/08/06

Race Adventures 2


Race Adventures 2 - This is a massive racing map with some interesting areas and jumps. You have to change cars multiple times and there are some shortcuts.

updated: 05-08 (added "City game", "Extreme race", "Zooka Game")

Kamil 2008/08/05
Hidden Surprise Edited 83kB Hidden Surprise Edited Version 2 Kamil 2008/07/12
Tiny Town Tuning 59kB Tiny Town Tuning Kamil 2008/07/12
Island Hopper 361kB A rather large map consisting of three islands and a gang system. Lantyz 2008/04/25
Tower Arena 361kB A small map in which players start on a tower to prevent spawn killing. Lantyz 2008/04/25
SWAT 361kB SWAT - A map with a maximum wanted level of 4. Lantyz 2008/04/25
The Rock 361kB The Rock - A tiny map consisting of a large rockB Lantyz 2008/04/25
Scavenger 361kB Scavenger - A small map with only rocket launchers; each giving you only one
Lantyz 2008/04/25
Capture the Van 361kB Capture the Van - A map in which all players try to steal a car and bring it to their crusher to earn points. Best to set a time limit and score limit since this one is not all about frags. Overwrite e.gxt for the correct text to be displayed. Lantyz 2008/04/25
Fortress 361kB

Fortress - A map in which all players try to be the only one inside the
fortress to earn the most points.

Lantyz 2008/04/25
Race For Rockets 25kB This map sucks. 2 player script. Uses Bonus Stage D (mike1e.gmp) - I just added more restart zones. Both players start with unlimited rocket launcher ammo. If your opponent dies by any means then you lose your ammo. You will get your rockets back after you do a lap (any direction) or you die. Police level is set to 5 (FBI). There are two rocket proof fire engines with flame throwers. This should reduce spawn kills since if you kill your opponent, you have to do a lap before you can shoot them again. It may slow the pace of the action a bit too much for some people but at least it's a change from standard deathmatch. Sektor 2008/02/27
Gun Town 90kB Gun Town CarThief 2007
Gun'N'Molotov Arena 90kB Gun'N'Molotov Arena 2-6P CarThief 2007
Harbor Town Bot Version 90kB Harbor Town Bot Version 1-6P CarThief 2007
Intruder Alert 90kB Intruder Alert CarThief 2007
RC Arena 90kB RC Arena 2-4P CarThief 2007
Wario Town 30kB

Wario Town

Wario5 2007
Suburban Anarchy 45kB

Suburban Anarchy - deathmatch map with bots

Wario5 2007
Zooka Arena 7kB

Zooka Arena - This map is just fast paced fun.. It has rocket launcher pickups that instantly respawn and give you 99 ammo. It's a small arena with some walls to run around while you try to shoot your opponent and dodge incoming rockets. This is the 2-6 player version with an optimized GMP file.

Kamil 2006
SanAn Scamble 1.5MB SanAn Scramble - too many checkpoints! It's the GTA1 San Andreas map converted to GTA2 but it's not much fun to race. I'd like to see this map used for something more fun than a checkpoint race but it might be too big for deathmatch. Pyro 2006
Race Adventures 210kB Race Adventures - A large race map that requires the players to change cars in the middle of the race. Follow the course to the end. Yakuza clan 2006
Soccer 3kB Shatters's boring 2 player football and machine gun map. Count the goals yourself. Shatters 2006
Face Off Tinytown no invul 42kB Tiny Town and Face Off patched to remove the invulnerability powerup. Extract to GTA2\data. It won't replace your existing scripts, so you can still play the original with invulnerability. Sektor 2006
Insane Stunt Race
12kB Insane Stunt Course - Map created by Holy_Jack's and OXMOX. 1-6 multiplayer script created by Sektor. Race to the end using a cop car or whatever vehicle you find along the way. Sektor 2006
Tiny Town No Arrow 1.9MB Tiny Town but with the player arrows removed. Extract to GTA2\data and run "no_arrow_install.bat". Select "Tiny Town no arrow" map to play. Sektor 2005
Team Tiny Town 5kB Select Team Tiny Town on the multiplayer screen to play this script. Player 1, 3, 5 are on Red team. Player 2, 4, 6 are on Blue team. If you want the game to end when a team gets 10 frags then make it a points game 999999. If a player on your team dies by any means (cops, team kill, suicide or killed by other team) then the other team gets a frag/point. You can play this with 2 players, it's good with any even amount. It is better than normal Tiny Town since instead of invulnerability, there are two Rocket Launcher spawn points. The .mis files are included, if you use them, please give credit. Sektor 2005
Bot Tiny Town 52kB

BOT Tiny Town. This adds 6 killer bots to Tiny Town. Supports 1-6 players. Includes .mis files.

Sektor 2005
Bonus Race 4kB

Bonus Race - 2 player, 5 lap race script with lap counter. It uses one of the official bonus maps (mike1e.gmp). The .mis file is included.

Sektor 2005
God Mountain 15kB God Mountain - Made in Japan VIP 2005
Rocket Town 95kB Rocket Town - small arena with instantly respawning rocket pickups and fast reload. ManDang 2004
ManDang Race 95kB ManDang Race - large race map with an elevated track. ManDang 2004
GoGoTank 95kB GoGoTank - Huge open arena with many tanks parked and ready for battle. ManDang 2004
The Fighting 95kB The Fighting - A tiny arena with instant respawning weapons. This often goes out of sync. ManDang 2004
ManDang's Loony Town 17kB ManDang's Loony Town ManDang 2004/07/11
N's Mini City 24kB N's Mini City ManDang 2004/03/19
illspirit's map 129kB Yet to be named map by illspirit - Supports 1-4 players. There is a tank that you can only get to by doing a long jump with a fast car. There are two rocket launcher spawn points and various other weapons placed around the map. illspirit 2003
Capital City 520kB Capital City - A huge map but not many weapons. It includes an airport and cargo ship (both just for looks, the planes can't move). A fine piece of German engineering. Supports 1-6 players. Z-Men 2002
Xtreme Force 89kB Weapons are spread a bit too widely. There is a tank that can be taken out with an instant vehicle bomb. There are some amusing noises coming from the crates. HinGTA/Teknics 2001
Bernaar's Holy Project 105kB Bernaar's Holy Project - This is an arena divided by four large blocks. Bernaar 2001
Bernaar's Map
137kB Nicely designed map with good weapon locations. It has some similarities with the official Hidden Surprise map. Bernaar 2001
Bernaar's Race 156kB This is the first multiplayer race map that I know of and it's still one of the best. It has an elevated track. Bernaar 2001
Downtown   William Mills designed this official map. All his GTA2 files start with wil. DMA Design 1999
Residential   Stephen Banks designed this official map. All his GTA2 files start with ste. Camp Banks Army Base is a tile on his map. DMA Design 1999
Industrial   Billy Thomson designed this official map. All his GTA2 files start with bil. The GXT file contains many lines that say REPORT DEAD BRIEF TO BILLY THOMSON. He also designed the GTA1 San Andreas map. DMA Design 1999
Tiny Town   Billy Thomson designed this official map. All his GTA2 files start with bil. The GXT file contains many lines that say REPORT DEAD BRIEF TO BILLY THOMSON. He also designed the GTA1 San Andreas map. DMA Design 1999
Hidden Surprise   William Mills designed this official map. All his GTA2 files start with wil. DMA Design 1999
Face Off   Stephen Banks designed this official map. All his GTA2 files start with ste. DMA Design 1999