Vice City Stories

Vice City Stories

VCS has ad-hoc multiplayer on PSP but it doesn’t have online/infrastructure multiplayer. The PS2 version doesn’t have any multiplayer features.

All Multiplayer Modes

The latest issue of PSM in the USA not only features the world’s first review of Vice City Stories but they’ve also got a whole page dedicated to the multiplayer modes in the game. There are ten in total and you’ll also be able to take advantage of a selection of power ups (just as in LCS) such as Radar Invisibility, Mega Damage, Frenzy, Health Boost, Sticky Tires and Instant Repair. The modes, in full are:

  • Vice City Survivor – a regular deathmatch mode which you can play as a free for all or in teams.
  • Street Rage – A standard street racing mode
  • Taken for a Ride – This mode is most similar to Capture the Flag in other multiplayer games. You have to steal the opposing team’s car and return it to your base. The team with the most cars captured when the time runs out is the winner
  • Protection Racket – A team based, conquest style game. When you start out you’ll either be attacking or defending. If you’re defending you’ll have to prevent four vehicles inside your base from being destroyed and if you’re attacking you’ll have to take out the opposition’s cars. The quickest assault on the base wins.
  • Tanks for the Memories – There’s one tank somewhere on the map. The team that spends the most time inside the tank is the winner but it’s not all that simple – the opposition will carry heavy weaponry in order to take the tank out, like the game’s new Rocket Launcher.
  • Grand Theft Auto – A simple steal cars, sell cars mode. You’ll have to grab specific vehicles off the street and return them to a location. The better condition the car is in when you deliver it, the more cash you’ll receive. The winner is the player with the most money at the end of a given time
  • Hit List – One player in the game is designated as “The Mark” and they must stay alive for as long as possible with every other player in the game chasing after them. However, the Mark cannot see other players on the radar nor can they stay in any vehicle for a length of time (it will explode after a period). Killing the mark results in someone else taking on that role. The winner is the player who stays alive as The Mark for the longest.
  • Empire Takedown – Two teams, each with their own building or site. There’s one set of explosives located somewhere on the level and the aim is to be the first team to grab them and deploy them at the opposing team’s site. Once you’re successful in rigging their building up to blow you’ll have to prevent the other team from defusing the bombs while a timer counts down. When the timer reaches zero the building will explode and the winner will be declared.
  • Might of the Hunter – Very similar to Tanks for the Memories but the aim is to score the most kills and there’s a Hunter (aka the “Army” helicopter) rather than a tank. Once again players will be equipped with heavy weaponry.
  • V.I.P. R.I.P. – Two teams – attackers and defenders and one player on the defenders’ team is the VIP. The VIP must collect five briefcases, one at a time (when one is picked up another will spawn somewhere else) and then make their way to the escape point. While this is happening the attackers must try to kill the VIP. If the VIP escapes, the defending team wins but if the VIP is killed the attackers will win.

IGN Vice City Stories multiplayer preview

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