Grand Theft Auto III doesn’t officially have any multiplayer but there are some unofficial multiplayer modifications.

Unofficial GTA3 multiplayer applications

Liberty Unleashed

GTA3 GGM – v0.4 multiplayer mod for GTA3 (no updates since 2003)

There are some others but most have been removed from their original site.

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  1. Didn’t steam block modifications like these I’m confused where do I get gta 3 then

  2. take it from me, mta sucks. there where working mp mods out like yamm but they sold out to mta and mta sucked and always did and took yamm and destroyed it. yamm was fully synched mp modification. as far as Im concerned i believe so, mta is rockstar fake company who are shitty users and destroyed a fully working mp mod. none of the game companies support any users ever. i would know i used yamm. it never came out of beta. the most synchronized mp i had ever seen.

  3. MTA IS a multiplayer mod. To the guy who keeps insisting that it is not, you are dead wrong. “It doesn’t work” is not accurate either. You just aren’t following the instructions properly.

  4. ja jak odpalam serwer w LU to od razu odpala mi singla oczywiście wersja V1.1 i chuj wie o co chodzi .. może ktoś pomoże? powiem też że ja niestety ściągałem GTA3 z neta a nie mam na płycie ..

  5. Iam going to install grand theft auto 3 on my new pc and then iam going to install gta3-mp so that way I can play grand theft auto 3 multiplayer even when iam 28 years old

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