GTA2 Game Hunter

GTA2 Game Hunter is an application designed to make finding GTA2 multiplayer opponents easier. GTA2 Game Hunter enhances GTA2’s existing multiplayer features by adding a central chat lobby, automatically writing the settings to the registry, managing a server list, updating maps, ensuring everyone has the same files and launching GTA2.

Download the latest version of GTA2 Game Hunter here

If you are having trouble signing in, make sure you are using the latest version!


Discussion forum and screenshots

Please read this page for information on forwarding ports.

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61 thoughts on “GTA2 Game Hunter”

  1. the program asks to locate GTA2 folder but it only allows to choose from program files folder and not from entire PC.. wtf?

  2. Great software, you could still connect with people over the internet with TCP/ICP Connect which is the same thing as this software just a little more time consuming and no IRC chat to help you find someone to play.

    This software is really great though, as long as you have the ports opened you’ll have a good time.

    If you see me in the IRC my name is Micky, let me know and I’ll play with you long as you don’t clock over 200 ping.

  3. this is my yahoo ID : ygb2001 , please leave offline and let me know u`re into GTA multiplayer….waiting for ya …..thanks

  4. Hey ive all ports and firewall thins acitvate and have checke the ports but i cant find any server.Are they servers? I cant check it with an other Player.Are they Servers or No Players?

    I want play that game ^^ memories ive playd it with my brother whole time

  5. mm i cant create a game i dont know why the ports are open but it show me that message every time in chat

  6. Sector thx you for support ive search for a site like this this is the only way i can communicate to you ^^ mm the greate button is not active and im not on the name list,i use win 7.Ive check all Ports with PFPortChecker but all are open 🙁 and all 3 things from the firewall also open.Mm what make i wrong

  7. We must fix a better gh so we. Can meet players from other countries with no lagg 😀

  8. i want to play it i want the game if you have game send to my mail my mail adress is ( i want to download it if you have know the website send to my mail

  9. The installer (gta2gh159setup.exe) does not run on Windows 7 x64:

    “The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.”

  10. this is about singleplayer but I couldn’t find the area to post it on singeplayer, but ive tried everything to hear the radio, even F1, F2, F3, and F4, but nothing works. can you help me?

  11. on singleplayer, everytime I try and turn the radio station on nothing works, ive even tried F3 and F4. please help, also the radio station on multiplayer is broke too, any help?

  12. Why i cant connect or join anyone who already hosted a game…it first automatically download the map and when i click to join an empty board pops out….do i have to wait longer or…

  13. Hey Sektor do you still play? Would be keen for a game I upgraded to fibre internet so maybe it wont lag as much now with people from NZ.

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