New game: Top down city!

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Re: New game: Top down city!

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Updated build: - may 2020:

What is new:
Fifth alpha may 2020:

Fixed Nvidia cards not rendering shadows properly.
Network optimization: no syncing of passenger and vehicle actors when they are not needed
Network fixes: packet length varies based on data that needs to be synced.
Big AI improvements, more behaviors, less glitches
conveyor belts: implemeted for all sorts of objects properly, this still needs to be added to map
camera now properly moves up and down with your character's height / altitude
further improvements to AI behaviors:
- Police AI greately updated and improved
- Pedestrian fight & threat reaction logic is also improved
- Enchanched shake effect (adds some roll to camera)
fixed map area zones
fixed particle damage not being correctly attributed to shooter
pickup sound effect
Improved tank drive-over logic, sparks and excessive damage are fixed, drive-over tracked vehicled only apply damage when moving fast enough
greatly improved stuck & obstacle checking, which improves traffic a lot
improved logic: back off if obstacle not moving, this fixes a lot of traffic deadlocks.
improvements to enter/exit logic - improved code, ability to cancel car exitting
Added mobile phone pickup
Moved traffic functions to javascript
fixed CRC calculation for newton map collision files, now cache properly works - detects version, game loads faster.

- A lot of bugs in map editor fixed, map editor also got a great UI makeover
- road network: node manipulation API for editor greatly improved
- improved map editor rendering, picking logic
- map zones: improved rendering of grabber handles, editors makes use of inbetween handles to just extend / add areas (lile always, first clear browser cache)

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